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I don't "Have it in for you"

I explicitly have given you another chance to redeem yourself after some bad displays. And you're really burning up that goodwill quickly...

Here's the actual thread so people can see the full context:

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I want you to stay man, I enjoy your content. It's not easy for us to threat the needle and not be Reddit or Voat.

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That's nice, thanks. Sadly I don't get the kind of engagement I'd hoped for here. I have a lot of ideas to explore, but I can't seem to find anyone who's interested in discussing them honestly. Well ... there have been a few rewarding exchanges, but compared to the massive amount of content I share it's nothing.

Anyway, have a great day. And take a shower and get a job you filthy commie.

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We'll be even deader without you. Ahh well whatever does it for you. We'll always have /s/altrightwebm

I'm showered and employed, eff communism.

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I had a sleep on it and decided not to leave voluntarily. If the tyrant wants me gone they can ban me.

I will probably change how I use the site though. It makes no sense for me to invest so much time here and get nothing in return.

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Post the whole thread if you want to plead yourself free of dickery (rhymz) [at least a link].

This post means you've not been banned, so why this whining?

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    Dude. Pyramid of debate. Seriously last warning. This isn't 4chan