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I'd send a note to myself on the day before bitcoin was announced to build a mining machine, invest $100 in coin, and wait until it peaks at $20,000, after starting out at fifty cents, then cash out. That would be many tens of millions of dollars that would come in handy in the future. Too bad hindsight is 20/20 and my time machine is broken.

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Why not a year or two before to give some lead time?

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Bitcoin took quite a while to increase in value from fifty cents to one dollar. Having a week's lead time to build my machine should be adequte. A year is too long, and unnecessary in this case.

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Speaking of which, I send a note to you to look in to quantum resistant cryptocurrency, because I'm almost positive that if cryptocurrency still has interest in a few years, quantum resistance ones will be the only ones people will be able to use, because quantum computers will be able to crack the private keys of the vulnerable ones ones (over 99% of cryptocurrencies now).

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A note to Germany telling them to divert as many forces against Russians as possible and to just give up as much land as they can to the western allies.

The number of women you would save from being raped would far out value anything you could make with bitcoin.

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I'd send a charged cell phone with a back-up generator and solar panel to about the year 1600 to some scientists. Their minds would be blown at the mini-computer, and if they could even partially reverse-engineer it, it'd set technology ahead hundreds of years. Plus then there'd be proof of time travel.

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Or this guy becomes more credible.

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I would put lots of articles about building computers from scratch on it; that would make creating computers much easier. To make it a bit more doable, I would also include books like Computer Architecture and Design: RISC-V edition and a bunch of RISC-V architecture tools to help with designing and compiling for it.

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Oh that's a really good idea. Every button on the home screen could be a new book about how to build modern technology.

I almost want to send them a discrete-component computer like an old mac rather than an integrated circuit computer, so they'd have a better chance at repairing it and replicating the discrete components. But then you have to transport a power supply and way to generate power along with a desktop computer and monitor and keyboard, and then we're really pushing the limit of what "an object" is haha

Also sending a car back in time, tank full of gas, would be cool

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You'd be better off taking that French lathe back in time.

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A note to myself, nothing for greed. Just an outline to avoid some great misery in life. Mainly staying away from my mother and her side of the family, as they only know how to stab each other in the back any possible way they can.