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Yes, you can hate the player and the game. Needless human on human violence is abhorrent.

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I can comprehend the pain of loss, and under circumstances like in war, where by the best are slaughtered for corporate gains, I can feel the anger of the deceptions sold to the people.

As far as the common people tricked into 'service', that's sad. The real enemies are the generational families riding on all of us by way of their very ancient corporate control mechanisms. Perhaps, we could give out a special 'f-u' to the real instigators, and profiteers that create the deceptions.

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dont say fuck the troops you they depend on citizens to keep them from being used you fucked up you fucked up dont blame them shithead

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You're not wrong, but it was funny...

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its not funny because people have had to blow away children they had to make that instant choice to preserve their own life and those choices are easier to live with understanding you served a greater good and not that shit happened and you were a victim of your country being stupid

every minority group is off limit but the only minority group that stands for you doesnt have the same protection people dont see military people as a minority because its a strong minority

in every way its harder to be a member of the military minority than any other people have experiences in combat and in that life civilians cant relate to

the thing that lets people laugh at things like this is the reason people mistreat their mother and fathers and the reason parents mistreat their children and people mistreat each other

im not attacking you but dont you see how evil you are and how evil it is to get a positive thing out of it

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the things ppl enjoy come at huge cost to other ppl thats not hard to realize but the sacrifice is so huge its impossible to understand you shouldnt laugh at things you dont understand when thats why you can laugh

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I'm a vet. I understand.

I also understand that sometime you have to laugh; unless you want to go crazy...

Vet's will not be insulted by this.

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i didnt say it to jump down ppls throat just to cause a person to think next time they pick a target for humor to maybe pick someone who hasnt done so much for others

vet wont be insulted because the weak ppl are funny and not part of reality but everyone should be laughing at the same joke not ppl laughing at the vet and the vet laughing at ppl for being so weak that only make distance

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Yeah, what was said is no biggie. Don't sweat it.

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man i posted it to let ppl know the reason the vet laughs is not at the joke but the people who say it im just trying to help weak people save face and behave with honor to warriors it will improve them too

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ehh thats Propagandhi not Propaganda,THIS is Propaganda

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Fantastic song! Amazing band. Propagandhi, the purveyors of true anarchist understandings. Fuck religion because it is a force of division. All humans are people. All systems divide. True anarchism is the Zen of political philosophy. Also, fuck the troops. You are responsible for YOUR choices, and while many don't have the fortitude to see beyond social indoctrination encouraging blind servitude to prescribed leaders, the choice to kill another human being is, regardless of reason, frankly fucking wrong, and you KNOW this. The decision to join the military is a decision to willing kill other human beings.