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Zombies. Any zombies. Well almost any. They are basically just like people but dumber and slower and deader. Zombies are really only a threat when your characters do insanely suicidally dumb things. I don't know that even qualify as monsters, they are basically just easy targets for fantasy wish fulfillment of mass murder.

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Ha, yes. From the three "classical" movie monsters vampire, werewolf and zombie, the zombie sure is the most annoying when it comes to his danger level, with all flat teeth and snub dirty fingernails, a dull mimic in a half rotten face and staggering walk, hardly able to stand on his own feet. It is probably the subconscious fear of illness and infection that gets symbolized and triggered by the image of the zombie concept. There was an interesting interpretation of that in the movie "the girl with all the gifts", where the people did not become zombies because of a virus in the blood, but because of a fungal infection in the brain. Was one of the very few zombie movies that I really enjoyed, can recommend.

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The zombies represent the braindead masses. One of the most iconic films is even set in a shopping mall filled with zombies who are just like normal people, dumb and slow.