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I wholeheartedly support the sentiment of freeing Assange, but I'm not sure these gov't online petitions accomplish anything except putting your name on a list. The US gov't is known to blatantly disregard these online petitions. Maybe I'm wrong though, I'd like to be wrong about that.

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Meh, our names are already all on lists for something or other. I don't think the US is corrupt enough to have resources dedicated to going through these lists and silencing people; worst that'll happen is that it'll come up on a background check and (iirc) they're not allowed to use that against you.

When did we forget our dreams?

It's good to remind people, though; it might matter to some: petitions are a public statement of strong support for something that you can't ever revoke. Be certain you agree with what you sign.

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My take on these online petitions is that they’re just for industry shills. So you wanna start a covertly industry-backed autism awareness campaign? You make a petition that says “Autism is bad mmmmkay.” And then you get your lobbyist a meeting with an advisor to the director of health and human services and an assistant advisor the President and your lobbyist says to them, “Look guys, here’s a ‘grass roots’ campaign that agrees with everything I just said.”

Then “magically” the President cites a “grass roots” “citizen’s campaign” when he signs off on some major industry payout. The gravy train is too long to believe in conspiracy theories when basic principles of corruption will do.

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I don't see any mention of the sexual assault charges in this petition.

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Huh, just tried to sign it, email confirmation never arrived. Tried again with a different email, same. Also, the petition was started May 4 and only has 1220 signatures... smells fishy. At least I'm on a list now, gonna kick back and wait for my drone-strike.