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The legal definition of a "right" is ambiguous by definition. What a person thinks of a "natural" or "God given" right will depend on their personal religion and philosophical beliefs. Politicians get to write the words as to what is and isn't a right, and then courts get the come up with their own interpretation of the words.

You think it's a natural or "God-given" right of brown people not to be murdered by you, but that hasn't always been the case in the history of mankind, or even America, where people of different skin colors are treated with less regard than animals we hunt for sport.

That fact that you capitlized the word "rights" tells me that you have an entirely dogmatic view of the subject, that you make assumptions about the world, and hold those assumptions beyond reproach.

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Um, yes, I comprehend that a "Right" is a legally( and naturally) defined term; You don't(again, only commented to you figuring you'd like to not sound ignorant, but thought I did in a respectful way). I comprehend that you don't want to recognize that, I also recognize your view of a right is as a privilege; you also denote that you think Americans are unique in the fact they want freedom, while the rest of the world in your view accepts their freedom as what they won't get in trouble doing.(funny how everyone wants to be in America for freedom, and gimmies, EVEN WITH IN YOUR VIEW ALL THE ARMED (BROWN PEOPLE HATING) WHITE GENOCIDAL MONSTERS!!!)

Halps, in regards to America, and it's viewpoint on the blanketed groups of as you say, "Brown People", I'm in complete disagreement. America as far as a melting pot is unique in the extra privileges, and rights bestowed on those very people to aid in their advancement in this society. Go live in a 3rd world for a while, and you'll learn; racism is alive, well, and strong in every 3rd worse shithole, at least that I've been in(been in several), and it's the people there that do it to each other.

As far as my Rights? Yes, I capitalize them, I hold mine sacred. If you would go re-read what I wrote, I never advocated for anyone other than trying to show someone who thinks a right is a privilege, that they're not. A Right, can also be viewed as the physical observation of what any living sentient being can naturally do without constraint.(I actually covered this angle already thinking you seriously couldn't grasp that it's a defined legal term. I kinda got your 'care' when you responded with, 'nuclear weapons!!!!', why not pink fuzzy lasers, they could be just as earth shattering, right?)

I guess on that point, and so you quit looking stupid every time you make a sensational claim about how I'm an evil old genetically superior white male such as yourself, I'm a disabled brown people.

LMAO, this is a great thread!

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"Halps", it's at this time especially with the you suck towards "Brown People" remarks, and in other threads where you've attacked me by bringing up how I must be cruel, or is it hateful towards of all things,disabled people, or how in this thread, where you attempted to twist my simple clarification of what a Right is, turning it tantamount to an approval for mass murder, that I feel I must re-post my 2 original comments for this thread:

POST 1 "I'm a large man, larger, and unfortunately by way of genetics at times can appear menacing; it's true about inadequate people wanting to prove themselves by trying to intimidate someone that others would have a little bit of hesitation in messing with. Yet, at the same time, I'm a disabled man, and hurt; my gun has saved my life. After you've been put feet to fire in trial for your life, do you realize how nice it is to have an equalizer."

POST 2 "Also, on the note of 'what to do', a gun is defensive, a gun does have sporting merit; to be able to calculate out at distance, and hit the target, well anyone try it, it takes skill. As to what to do to change, or save the world? Learn, share, and educate. Try to help others. Be the change on your own microcosmic level. A gun doesn't change the world, a voice does."

It's clear why I participated in this thread from my first post, the second post immediately afterwards lays out exactly what I personally see the use of guns being, and what works for greater change; yet your response is 'NUCLEAR WEAPONS BROWN PEOPLE KILL".

Sensationalize off of regular MSM commie jargin much? I think you could've hit a few more talking point cliches!