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Clever! Does it work well in practice?

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I'm not sure, but that's a good question. I tried to look up more information but couldn't find anything about the effectiveness.

However, I did find a version they developed to use on people in stores, which is kind of hilarious:

I suppose it's like the exploding ink pack idea on expensive clothes tags

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“Still, arrests do happen thanks to color balls,” Gordenker wrote in the 2008 article. “Just last month, a man held up an agricultural cooperative in Yokohama and made off with a bag of cash. When an employee was able to mark the getaway truck with a color ball, the thief abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot. But the police tracked him down through the truck’s registration and arrested him at home.”

Seems like it may actually work. We should apply more thinking like this.

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more thinking like this


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How would I know what will happen?