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I feel like this supports the American economic eugenics theory. Low income parents are disadvantaged, and their children suffer from a reduction in breastfeeding.

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No one is forcing them to go back to work. They can make different life choices, use vacation time, sick time, a leave of absence (FMLA) if they want. Personal choice is just that. Personal. Don't be a victim of your own choices.

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So maybe "no one" is forcing them but circumstances are... Not everyone works in a place that offers FMLA. The cost of having a baby can be $50,000 out of pocket in some US locations. They may have a job with no paid vacation time. Personal choice is a privilege for many/most American working people.

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Personal choice not to have kids if you don't have the right circumstances in place to have them. Birth control is free or nearly free and pulling out is always free. And all employers have FMLA by law. It just doesn't have to be paid by the employer, but that's what short term disability covers. My wife and I had to wait to have kids until everything was timed as best as we could time it. Her dirtbag sister just decided to recklessly make babies, go on welfare, is now looking at divorce, and is miserable as hell. Everyone warned her. Now, not only do we, as a society, pay for her recklessness, but those kids are fucked.

I never feel bad for people making bad decisions (okay, I do, but I try not to show it). We need to encourage good decision making as opposed to conforming the world to support everyone's bad decisions. Otherwise we are on an endless slippery slope that will bring our entire civilization down.

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It's illegal to separate a human from their parents in the same way (except in special cases where the child is in danger). The difference is dogs don't work.