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Only weed should be allowed. The rest should remain banned substance

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Should alcohol be banned?

What gives the government the right to take away your rights?

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No one would touch alcohol if weed is legal

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I hate weed. I like an adult beverage now and then.

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Weed is legal in plenty of states. Alcohol is still quite popular there. I like both but I prefer alcohol. Tbh I usually only smoke weed when I've already had a couple drinks 😂

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Thats a stretch lmao. Weed is legal here, it gives me intense paranoia even at low doses and I start to become delusional at higher doses. I don't ever want to touch that stuff again. It messes with your mind. Meanwhile I love a good drink.

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Anecdotal and a boomer

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Yeah that's one reason concert tours are being cancelled, besides just tickets not being sold but also venues make most of their money off beer sales but millennials don't drink beer now cuz of weed being legal or laws against it not being enforced now.

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I like both, they go very well together.

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I'm not so sure... I think folks should maybe be allowed to grow their own weed and shrooms for personal use, but that selling and buying the stuff should still be illegal. If you want it, grow it.

Something I'm noticing that's worrying... people using a sort of "reefer madness" excuse to get out of serious consequences for stuff. Like that young lady who stabbed her boyfriend over 100 times and got off with probation.

And the guy who killed about 18,000 salmon with bleach will likely use being high to argue temporary insanity or something.

So... is reefer madness a thing, or are these people just faking? Either way, looks like it'll be used as an excuse.

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If you have the light and land, no problem. If you have a tiny low yield patio garden that barely gets enough light for plants to live, like I do, I think it's going to be difficult to grow your own in sufficient quantity.

Hell, my friend grows legally on much better land and still needs a dispensary to cover the difference.

If you grow outdoors you're going to have to worry about theft, if you grow indoors you're looking at some $$ to get it setup, there's electricity for the lights, the heat, and the smell to contend with

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Regardless of whether it is real or not they chose to use it irresponsibly and should be held fully responsible.

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Yeah like if drunk driving and hitting and killing someone they usually can't say being drunk was temporary insanity

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What is the logic of letting people grow but not buy things

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If they wanted to or needed to grow their own weed to handle nausea during chemo, grow shrooms to micro-dose and help handle PTSD, or simply light up in the backyard, they could. It's theirs, though. They don't get to introduce anyone else to it, and they're responsible for themselves as opposed to anyone else who might use it and react poorly.

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Have you actually tried growing weed. It's not easy especially if you have cancer and are on chemo.

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Honestly, I haven't. I've known some folks who grow their own, quietly. I'm just thinking, it would be a way for folks to get it if they wanted it; de-criminalizing home use but keeping it illegal to sell or buy on the streets in finished form. Not saying it's a good idea or a workable idea, just an idea.

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It's pretty hard, like farming any crop, should just let people buy it since it's pretty harmless. Sure some people try to use a reefer madness temporary insanity excuse for committing crimes, but those should instead just be dismissed as a defense, the problem there is Soros DAs and judges looking for any excuse to not put criminals in jail.

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Vancouver did that and it turned the city into a dangerous hellhole.

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That's due to liberal policies, not putting blacks in jail

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Weed, as long as it's out of the public eye. I don't want smoke exposure secondhand.

Alcohol, sure.

Tobacco, sure.

Everything else no. I don't want a bunch of dying or mentally incapacitated hobos walking over so they can rob or piss on me on my way to the bank

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Weed, as long as it's out of the public eye. I don't want smoke exposure secondhand.

Yeah, that shit is legal here and for the first couple of years, my whole town stank like ass. Luckily, people calmed down and the place is mostly back to normal.

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Legalize all drugs. It's not the state's business what you choose to put into your own body.

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The people who want to legalize meth are simply nuts.

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The freedom paradox has ever only being properly answered by the Catholic Church. Pope Leo IX made an encyclical called "Libertas", where he accurately explained that as long as mankind has the freedom to sin, then he is not free, but instead merely on the mercy of enslavers. Therefore, any government that lets its citizens sin and does not actively promote virtue is at best an enabler of enslavery.

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I thank drug dealers for their eugenic service.

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Many drug dealers use children who "share" drugs with other children at parties. This gets them addicted so then they start buying drugs, and that drug dealer has first access. Often when young girls get addicted they can't pay and are forced to perform sexual favors for that drug dealer, and eventually they get pimped out by him to others.

That does not sound like eugenics. It does not target the bottom of the barrel but mostly middle class, attractive, social people.

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All modern scum should be removed from the gene pool, their class doesn't matter. Clearly modern scum don't take care of their children properly.

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Legal drugs. Whites only.

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Not if they are toxic.

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The War on Drugs was lost because the CIA funded drug lords with money and drugs to have them fight terrorists.

When you have a prohibition on something, people want it even more. So drugs make people rich. Legalize it and tax it, and the government gets rich off it.

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The war on drugs is nothing more than government enforcement of a monopoly. The CIA is the biggest importer of cocaine and probably weed, if not all the illicit drugs. The war on drugs was lost because it the people "fighting it" are the ones profiting from it.

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It was good to put blacks in jail for drugs, that kept them from being able to do worse crimes like robbery

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If you didn't have the cultural background, and analysed it rationally, you'd make alcohol illegal before you make week illegal.

The practicalities of it is that most drugs should probably be legalized, so that instead of spending law enforcement budget on it, you instead get sales tax, and better consumer protections.

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As a free, informed and consenting, adult, one has innate human right to use upon themselves any chemical or medical procedure they see fit. Humans are a complex form of bio-chemical life-form, so it would be cruel and inhumane to limit or dictate their access to chemicals.