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Bob the builder flesh edition

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Hey, let's dream up some exciting new Scholastic book titles! I'll go first:

  • Suck the rainbow lollipop
  • It's okay to not tell your parents
  • Five is the new fifteen
  • Seven pills a day to make me a girl

Anyone else?

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Unpopular opinion: this is a good thing.

They created a comprehensive list of books I can keep my kids AWAY from.

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You can't, if your people are in government schools

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Well then I'll sit down with my kid and OVER educate him as a way to compensate.

I'll tell him about sodom and gomorrah. About what a mental illness is. About what pedophiles are and how to stay away from them. I'll tell him that if he ever wears a dress Satan will roast him on a spit.

"Son, pedophiles like the people who wrote those books are very naughty people. They are friends with Satan and his minions and if you get too close to them they will sacrifice you to the devil."

"A mental illness is when your mind stops working right. They used to put people like this in a 'nut house' but now they put them in the senate."

"Once upon a time, a bunch of mentally ill fags- "what's a fag daddy?" "A sick fuck you need to stay away from."

"Anyway, once upon a time a bunch of fags were running around acting like fags. It got so bad that they tried to attack God's angels to make themselves happy. So God barbecued them and they all died and now everybody gets to be happy."