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I'm not sure how giving women equal rights is some how a bad thing. Feminism teaches women that they are more than just baby making machines. Meanwhile, Christianity and islam teaches women that they should submit to their husbands and that they're only good for making babies.

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Men and women are not equal

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You must be really getting all the chicks with this incel vibes.

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What is it that you think makes men and women equal?

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People like Judith Butler are communist agents of chaos. She's the patron saint of men in dresses.

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All animals are equal, some animals are more equal than others. -Animal Farm

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There is nothing wrong with giving women equal rights. However that is called women's liberation. The ability for women to access education and to work was arguably a good thing all told.

Radical feminism however is detrimental to any society. It isn't about keeping women down, it is demanding that women should work and become parts of the cog in the machine at the detriment to any natural drives toward Motherhood and the near castration of those women who do decide to become traditional homemakers.

There are plenty of women out there who would love to become homemakers, have children and concentrate on motherhood as their life's calling. Those women who manage to do so are demonised for doing so, told they are oppressed and that their man is somehow controlling them. This isn't true at all. But it is how the media portrays it - even going as far as calling such a family unit alt-right or racist. Yep, it's racist to have white kids and a white wife being a homemaker.

This is all to keep women in the workplace. Even the social promotion programs that effectively put women in positions that they really aren't suitable for are part and parcel of all of this. This is what keeps wages down while cost of living skyrockets. It is now a world in which even if as a woman you want to be the homemaker, you have no choice because to exist you have to work. Sod to the idea of being a mother.

I am in an extremely fortunate position of having a wife that does not need to work. While the whole situation is balanced on a razor's edge, I'm happy that she dotes and raises our children. But seeing your reflection in things like adverts, TV programs and news articles that define you as bad or wrong for being a homemaker is just ridiculous. You need a parent in charge of the children in this day in age. If the school and media aren't trying to turn your children into transvestites or convince them that they are gay, you have the entire other end of the spectrum after your young girls trying to teach them to sell pictures of themselves on onlyfans, or telling your son not to bother studying, go take a low paid position somewhere and hope for the best.

The state is not on your side. Modern Feminism is a huge weapon being wielded towards the traditional nuclear family model today. And most people are stupid enough to fall for it. Women were never just baby making machines - that is a lie forced into your brain by Feminism and used to batter you down into the good working cog that you are.

While religions do espouse old school values when it comes to interaction between the sexes, all were written and predicated upon a time where that was the social norm. While you are free to practise your religion, a degree of balance is expected between your religious teachings and the modern world. I'm sure if you went and spoke to your priest and asked him the best way to beat your disobedient wife, I'm sure he'd have the cops on you if not telling you that you're an idiot at the very least. I can't say the same with Islam in fairness - there's a reason they cover their faces after all. I know one white girl who was briefly married to a Muslim. She finally separated from him when he broke her arm clearly in two. You'd think that white girls would learn, eh?

You can take what you are spoonfed at face value if you like. But then, that is exactly why you fail.

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So what's your theory? Why are they so good at modern feminism?

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They're so good at anything that divides people and causes chaos. The whole lgbt movement is jewish as well.