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I'm just trying things out, so don't get annoyed, I'm still learning how to navigate subs and such. ok now I got error 403, what' that?

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The admin of this website (magnora7) set "attack mode" settings for Cloudflare because he believes that helps against spammers (which is debatable, but that's how it is for now). "Error 403" means you passed Cloudflare check too long ago (from experience that's ~1-5 minutes for different people).

My way to go is to write comment/post, open random page (for example /s/all) in another tab to trigger a Cloudflare check, and then click "save"/"submit" in original tab immediately after passing check. Kind of annoying, but such is life :(

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We turned down the cloudflare settings (from 'under attack' down to 'medium') and the spam went from 100 posts a day to 100 an hour, so we have experimental evidence it is necessary. When we tried the experiment 3 months ago, there were numerous posts from users along the lines of "okay, we get why it's necessary now, please re-enable it".

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ok, tnx for the info. I had no idea spammers can be such a huge annoyance, they ruin everything for everybody. Maybe a good advice would be to include this info to newcomers so they don't immediately get repelled. When you explain it like this it makes a lot of sense.

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to 100 an hour

In my opinion that was just Edward having a manic episode, one person, who was manually copy-pasting from ChatGPT. He was posting with "attack mode" on too, I mean he's a user like others, if normal people can post, he can too. He stopped because his mental state changed, or he became bored and moved on. Commercial spam is roughly on the same level these months, with "attack mode" or without it (maybe even worse recently, there were a couple of days when I blocked 20 spammers per day).

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Well unfortunately we can't have our site depend on the mental stability of someone who is clearly mentally unstable and never changes to do something else over even years, so we've turned it on permanently.

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Off-topic question: what do you think about these posts?

Isn't "other than by putting them down" technically a call to violence?