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Nobody wins once the nukes are involved.

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The USA spends about $800 Billion a year on defense. Just because you don't see our latest nukes and defense doesn't mean they are not there.

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Most of that money is simply going into the pockets of the manufacturers (minus the bribes).

The USA has a profit-driven MIC, whereas Russia has a purpose-driven MIC.

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Spending doesn't mean shit. There's little reason to believe the US military is actually effective. It's just a big extortion ring that lives off the labor of the American worker.

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Why do you think that is?

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All militaries are a drain on the economy. They produce the same amount of goods and services as someone on welfare. That doesn't mean they aren't working hard, but what they're doing doesn't have value. If we truly have "threats" why are they here at home and not dealing with these threats?

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How does that make it ineffective?

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The US has a lot of loses. Four of four conflicts that China was a part of resulted in defeat with the Korean war at least not being a total failure. The US has not been in a conflict that wasn't massacuring what are essentially militias in a long long time. Defeating a beleaguered Iraq is played up as some great accomplishment which is really pathetic. The US has demonstrated that they do not hold a meaningful technical edge over Russia by their equipment's performance in Ukraine. The loss is spun as "oh that was just junk we sent" which either means a) we're gullible to believe that or b) our leaders suck. Either way you spin it, we lose.

The US isn't the military power house that it used to be and the current generation of leaders is riding on the coattails of a reputation that's long become untrue.

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Fair enough, but this is the part where we widely disagree on the facts supporting your claims.

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Bless your heart........

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There will never be a nuclear war. Wars happen because they are beneficial to the people in power. They offer an easy way to murder millions of people and get away with it. Each side sends the undesirables to the killing fields and then blames the other side for the killing. Nukes have fallout that spreads uncontrollably.

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Modern (cold war level hydrogen-) nukes don't contaminate beyond their blast radius. At least that's what's claimed.

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Another idiotic Putin fan on this fucking website.

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would nope it will and not to long from now i promise you its all already been decided.