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Do have a link which supports your point rather than undermines it?

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The amoral savages were savages and the colonial settlers who brought society to lands inhabited by stone age savages only returned what they were given except they did so in the advance means of a superior species. The noble savage myth is just that. They were and are barely above feral beasts.

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Yes. And to add to that, the Plains Indians (specifically the Comanche) were slaughtering, torturing, and enslaving each other for thousands of years before Europeans came over en masse. They also hunted many animals to extinction.

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    Andrew Jackson was a SOB.

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    Pseudo christians led by satanist legalists

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    You better tape you eyelids to your temples cworld citizens

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    white Christians

    Followers of the Pope and Protestants who also targeted other white populations like the Irish.

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    Over 55 million Native Americans were slaughtered by white Christians.

    That's nothing compared to the 6 million jews Nazi Germany killed. (sarcasm) All we ever here is the the 6 million jews BS.

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    Over 55 million Native Americans were slaughtered by white Christians submitted 1 day ago by jacques1102 from self.whatever

    Yet neo nazis bring up "Muh Juda Bolsheviks!" Also make excuses for these slaughters by saying "They were killing each other, or muh diseases".As if no mass killings never happened.

    Where does it say 55 million Native Americans were slaughtered by white Christians? Did you read your source? It literally says Contemporary estimates range from 2.1 million to 18 million people living on the North American continent prior to European colonization.[76][77]. Where did you get 55 million from? LOL!

    Also, who said that there were never any mass killings? I am pretty sure most people know there were mass killings, but most of the deaths were due to disease.

    Uh did you forget to read your citation yet again? First of all, your Indian massacre of 1622 citation is about Native American Powhatan tribesmen massacring and slaughtering 347 settlers English settlers. Did you think it was English settlers killing Native Americans? LMFAO!

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    That is complete historical fiction. There were not anywhere near that many native Americans left after they were nearly wiped out by a plague. This happened before any significant number of Europeans visited. Around 94% of the population was wiped out during that plague. Do you really think there were 55 million left after that? That would put the population at over a billion beforehand.