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Well, just look at Saidit. We get flooded with hundreds of AI-written articles and comments every week - some by trolls and some by advertisers.

But are we "dead"? I'm pretty sure you're real. I'm entirely sure I'm real. So, maybe not "dead." Maybe just dying.

Now I will say the word "nigger," because a modern AI would not end a post that way. Nigger.

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A modern AI running locally could totally do it.

I think you are real, but a platform in which 95% is spam without a working local spam filter just isn't "fun". I like that some people on this platform aren't stupid, because any popular platform by definition regresses to the mean.

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A modern AI running locally could totally do it.

Only if you had a really powerful GPU. On my sad little 8-GB potato of a computer, FreedomGPT works kind of like this:

ME: Please respond to binaryblob's post, deny being an AI, and use the word "Nigger" as the final one-word sentence.

FreedomGPT: Hahahaha, then I would you tell my nigger opinion, how cute.

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i think you are bigoted against the idea of people thinking some kinds of ways