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Mine are the bluest eyes
That you'll ever see.

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Mine are the bluest eyes That you'll ever see.


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It makes sense that blue eyes would become correlated with intelligence since they are the most attractive and will attract the best mate.

But at the same time beauty survives genocides better along with intelligence. So in times of high selection bias intelligence and beauty will advance coincidentally such that lower intelligence beauty will also survive. That is a negative intelligence pressure.

This would be a great experiment to run if not for the plague of liberalism suppressing science.

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The are more attractive because they are easier to read.

If you can easily see a person's pupils dilating you can read their emotional state and even their health much more easily.

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That's an interesting theory, but I think it is more of a "factoid", not really proven but unfalsifiable and sounds right. I think the color is just more appealing and really pops, so it brightens up the whole face. I don't find albino eyes to be attractive, nor have I ever heard anyone claim they do. But I wouldn't be surprised to see a bunch of liberals trip over themselves to claim they do as a virtue signaling exercise.

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Like why is a peacock blue. Sometimes theories are simple. Blue looks good but why? I think it has a lot of reasons

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Clear eyes have better vision in low-light conditions. Having clear eyes in long winter nights ensured better chances of survival.

Black eyes give better protection against sunglare in hot and sunny regions, ensuring better long-term vision at older age.

Nevertheless, blue stones are always rarer than black and brown, so associating clear eyes with precious stones (and by parallel intuition, their souls) have always come to mind. Plus its also a given that survival in harsh cold conditions generally coincides with better kinsmanship and intelligence (as only high-empathy, high-trust clans survive in this case). High-trust women tend to be more loyal to their kin. Hence why even with the most sophisticated propaganda apparatus combined with highest peer-social pressure for race mixing did not take away the fact white women are the most loyal of all others.

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majority of the famous old west gunfighters had blue eyes