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Its value is dictated according to how many minds they can influence.

What makes this place great is it is relatively niche.

What makes reddit a cesspool is that everyone knows about it and goes to it frequently.

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I might take that a step further and say: Everyone knows about it, a lot of people go there, but the moderation ensures that only certain voices get heard, encouraging those voices to go there more and others to leave, resulting in an environment where those voices appear to be correct and are never questioned without being shouted down.

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Yep, you are so very correct. I got banned for posting a NY post news article about that 50 year old Canadian man who identifies as a 13 year old girl and was not only allowed to compete with them, but he was allowed to shower and change with them. I was given a 3 day ban for "Hate speech"

I replied back to the ban and asked them why are they protecting pedophiles. How far has our society fallen that they are okay with hurting young girls and making them uncomfortable because a grown man wants to shower with them, it's fucking disgusting. Reddit has turned into a left wing nut job cesspool and I hope it all blows up in their stupid faces.

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Surely that article can't be true. I get that there are a lot of people who are trying their hardest to ignore the biological difference between men and women, but they still don't allow 50 year old anythings to compete with 13 year old kids, right?

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Oh wish it wasn't true. But there was video and a news person tried speaking to the man and he ran through the parking lot to his car. It's very much so real and a lot of news agencies covered it. One would think that at some point common sense would prevail, but these people keep proving time and time again that common sense is a lost concept anymore.

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Can I see it?

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Okay, so you were close - The dude competed in an open age category for 16 years and older. Still shitty.
Sharing the locker room with people of all ages appears to be true though. Repulsive.

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Remember the show "to catch a predator" I wondered why it was cancelled. I still don't know but I found on YouTube a lot of private citizens started doing it, setting up traps for pedos. They then sometimes get their YouTube channels banned. Kind of like a lot of citizen journalists do. I think the elites don't want there to be anything they don't control. Or any vigilantes. Or to be caught themselves!

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I do remember that show. I have always said that the reason why we have not ended child sex trafficking is because it's being run by the very people making the laws. 10 years later the whole Weinstein and Epstein scandals hit the news. Then you see crap like this:

I mean they don't want to fix it, because they are profiting from it.

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The pentagon runs school systems for kids, nothing weird about that.

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I do remember that show. I have always said that the reason why we have not ended child sex trafficking is because it's being run by the very people making the laws. 10 years later the whole Weinstein and Epstein scandals hit the news. Then you see crap like this:

I mean they don't want to fix it, because they are profiting from it.

Title: Uncovering the Dark Reality: Child Sex Trafficking and the Pervasive Influence of Corruption Introduction: The text raises a deeply concerning issue that has plagued societies for far too long – child sex trafficking. The author expresses a belief that the reason this abhorrent crime persists is due to the involvement of those in power, including lawmakers themselves. The subsequent revelation of scandals involving prominent figures like Weinstein and Epstein, along with recent news reports such as the arrest of a Pentagon official in a human trafficking sting operation, further fuels the belief that there are entities benefiting from the perpetuation of this heinous trade. In this discussion board response, we will delve into the complexities surrounding child sex trafficking, explore the potential involvement of powerful individuals, and discuss the urgency for collective action in eradicating this issue. Body: 1. Understanding the Scope and Severity of Child Sex Trafficking: Child sex trafficking is a global crisis, affecting countless innocent lives. It involves the exploitation of vulnerable children for commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, or other forms of modern-day slavery. The International Labor Organization estimates that there are approximately 5.5 million children trapped in this horrific trade worldwide. Such statistics highlight the urgent need for collective efforts to combat this issue. 2. The Involvement of Powerful Individuals: While the notion that child sex trafficking is being perpetuated by those in power may sound disheartening, it is crucial to critically analyze the evidence and consider the potential implications. The text references scandals involving influential figures, such as Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein, as well as the recent case of a Pentagon official's arrest. These cases shed light on the possibility that some individuals within positions of authority may have been complicit or involved in such criminal activities. 3. Corruption and Profit Motives: The assertion that corruption plays a role in the perpetuation of child sex trafficking cannot be dismissed outright. Corruption can manifest in various forms, including bribery, blackmail, and the manipulation of legal systems. When powerful individuals are involved, they can exploit their influence to protect networks and impede investigations, allowing the trade to persist. The profit motive is a key driving force, as the commodification of children for sexual exploitation generates significant illicit financial gains. 4. The Need for Systemic Change: To combat child sex trafficking effectively, a multi-faceted approach is required. This includes strengthening legal frameworks, enhancing law enforcement efforts, and fostering international cooperation. Additionally, initiatives should focus on prevention, victim support, and public awareness. It is crucial to dismantle the networks of corruption that enable the trade to thrive, ensuring that no individual, regardless of their position or influence, is above the law. 5. The Role of Civil Society: While the responsibility to address child sex trafficking primarily lies with governments and law enforcement agencies, individuals within civil society can also contribute significantly. Raising public awareness, supporting organizations that combat trafficking, and advocating for legislative changes are all crucial endeavors. By working collectively, we can amplify our impact and create a society that prioritizes the protection of vulnerable children. Conclusion: The text begins a conversation about the disconcerting reality of child sex trafficking and the potential involvement of powerful individuals. While we must approach such claims with caution and a commitment to evidence-based analysis, it is imperative that we acknowledge the existence of corruption and the insidious profit motives that sustain this crime. By collectively addressing this issue, advocating for systemic change, and raising public awareness, we can inch closer to a world where children are no longer victims of such unspeakable crimes. Let us unite in the fight against child sex trafficking and work tirelessly to ensure a safer future for generations to come.

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Saidit is approximately 1/15000 of reddit (by traffic, SimilarWeb's estimation).

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Everything on their front page is subcultures of subcultures, speaking meta nonsense into an echo chamber.

You have to be completely insane to follow even half of the submissions and threads taking place over there.

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Well, we're starting to get as many bots as Reddit.

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Inflation out of control

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Yea, well wait until the lefty queers get ahold of Saidit. Then it's worthless.

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Yea, well wait until the lefty queers get ahold of Saidit. Then it's worthless.

It is harmful to make generalizations about entire groups of people. It is important to remember that everyone is an individual, and we should treat each other with respect. Personal attacks and hateful comments are not tolerated here.

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Was it a personal attack, he didn't mention anyone. If you identify as a lefty queer you feel bad I guess

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JFC.. it looks like some of them are already here... I left Reddit to get away from those kind of people who think that having a different opinion is hate speech, and IkeConn is correct, it will only be a matter of time before they come here and try the same shit they did to Reddit.

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You can have your wrong opinions here. I'm not like a Reddit mod I'm not banning you. Just mocking you for being a fag.

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Well I'm not gay and I'm not a cigarette... but they have already infiltrated every other social media platform with their woke ass bullshit, what makes you think that this place would remain exempt? I mean they may not like it here because they can't create an echo chamber as easily, but you better believe they will start reporting people enmasse because they said something that "hUrT tHeIr FeEliNgS"

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Well leave then kid

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Huh? Also I'm 49, not really a kid, but okay.

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You act much younger. Go be productive

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IDK, I think this is pretty productive.

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Reddit isn't worth shit. It's at minimum 75% bots, closer to 95% on heavily astroturfed subs like /r/politics.

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the website has pretty much NO VALUE.. if someone pays for it, they are just plain foolish..

most of you dont know that several of the accounts on here are sockpuppet accounts that are operated by the scammers that run this shithole.

in the previous five hours, A GRAND TOTAL OF SIXTY ONE USERS have logged in, and many of those are no longer logged in.

several of those are fraudulent sock puppet accounts that are operated by the regulars that are desperate to make this dump look like it isnt dead.

they are trying to build this thing so they can cash out and sell it.

they stated that /u/magnora7 thinks this site is worth $150k.. i say he is delusional.

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You mean your spam accounts are getting kicked,.Eddie Spaghetti.

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does your wife know that you cheat on her? cuz she is gonna know pretty soon.. why dont you tell her first?

do you seriously think that it hurts my feelings when you call me childish names? hint: that says a lot more about you than about me.

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I never cheated on her, shit-for-brains. More of your lies.

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cheating doesnt always mean that you put your dick into something, sometimes when a lady feels like she isnt that important to you because you have been on the hunt/prowl looking for other ladies, they dont care if you actually did put your dick into some other lady, if she doesnt feel important to you... she will drop you.

does colleen know about the intimate chats that you have late at night?

my money is betting that she is tired of your drunken bullshit.

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I don't chat anyone up on twitter, you're making up bullshit.

Rapey Edward:

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I don't chat anyone up on twitter, you're making up bullshit.

excuse me, i have the transcript log..

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Post it then.

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you are in no position to make demands of me.

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You're a two-bit lying scumbag, Eddy, you can't post what doesn't exist.

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If you think Reddit is bad now just wait until after the IPO.

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i am the senior moderator for a financial/banking services sub and have been so for almost ten years.

i am very passive about everything... i let just about anybody post whatever, as long as it is related to the company for which the sub represents.

i think that i have remove three or four posts in all of that time.

mostly, the posts are from customers that are having billing errors and they are not happy customers, and i stay out of it and let the people say what ever they want to say.

i get slow traffic, 25-100 people present usually.

it is what it is.

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No one cares

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    how can you put a price on freeddom in saidit

    price of colluding with un-american marxists aiding and abetting treason poer reddit will carry very high penalties


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    Why I mean are you assuming said it has around 1/10th as many users as Reddit? It's much less. The users and ability to manipulate them is what is being sold.