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Probably some gentrification campaign.

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By the orthodox jews? They're all living there on Section 8 government housing stipend allowances, according to the story. So I doubt anyone is gentrifying anything. If anything the gay couple is probably the one doing the gentrifying lol

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Actually they are. They vote as a bloc, because they vote how their rabbi tells them, so they hold large political control. Developers and lawyers which sprang up from their sect use that voting bloc as a political tool to expand their community.

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Interesting. But I guess I don't understand, how can they gentrify an area and simultaneously all be on Section 8?

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Well, the majority of the money is made from the construction of the building. They build it next to an area of slightly richer members and then the developers get tax breaks for building affordable housing. Or they build it half section 8 and half not, so its an even bigger win.

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Dunno if what you are saying is it is good business if your inhabitants are not shitheads. But I will add it. It's like free rent for your homies if you built it.

[–]Voracious_Observer 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

I'm saying they make a fuckload of money and get to expand their religious beliefs. The community do other things internally, which is why they are on section 8 - its essentially a government grant for extremist Judaism, wife-beating, and pedophilia. You know, the fun stuff.

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Everyone wife beat until recently, kid beat also. I think we need to take a good hard look at wtf people came from but the goddamn vatican and every other motherfucker is hiding shit from us. Yet we quibble about who the fuck is a jew....who fuckin cares, them nigs made it up for all we know and they HIDE it. Jew is nothing but me that went east. Sick of the division when it's fucking clear with megalith structures that they taught me that was tombs is clearly NOT. We are well past, but only look to elders for insight.

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First of all, calm yourself. This is a thread about a specific situation and a specific community. I happen to live in the city this situation occured so I am shedding some light on it. These are not malicious statement toward a particularly group, just a examination of the situation.

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I'm calm good sir just talking banter style instead of pc internet forum where I have to explain every detail of what i said.