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I live in NYC. This prolly occurred around the Marcy projects. Theres a large Satmar sect there. almost 90% of the members are on welfare. Some have only a working knowledge of English since they go to their own schools. The women are heavily abused and married off young. The children are not allowed to go to "gentile" cultural areas. And they are rude as fuck and look at you like your garbage. No body likes them. Theres another Jewish sect in Brooklyn that has been harassed by the Satmars for years. The Satmars even threw eggs at the jews during a pro-palestine rally. Theres a documentary on Netflix about the pedophilia within the Satmars.

Edit: They also have their own police, which is somehow sanctioned by the NYPD, as well as their own schools, business district, and legally enforceable religious contracts. They also have their own ambulances.Yet... all on welfare...