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The admins released a statement summarizing their REVIEW of your posts.

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So it's full of trannies then?

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Have you ever had a post removed from Saidit?

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Admins or mods? Weird wording. I mean it seemed to me there is one admin/dev there.

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Yea. It appears everyone has gone crazy.

Nothing is like said it.

You cam say the N word all you want.

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I guess Saidit still has some relevance.

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I recalled I posted their stance on content moderation 5 months ago btw:

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For free speech visit 👍

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Holy shit, those sites look good. They're doing everything right but how the hell does their bot check work? It's just a checkbox. I'm thinking Ed sent me way nastier bots which is why I have to block Tor and VPNs right now.

Thanks for sharing these.

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I'm sorry, I have no insight to the inside baseball stuff. I know that there are a collection of "red boards" of which there are a few. It always seems that most people there know who is who and mention them in joking manners (Akins is one) but I haven't the foggiest.

I first discovered it simply because ArchieLuxury had a hand-written note on his fridge in the background of his vids. That was f169 and that went away. There have been the predictable iterations. I think F2 board is still up but I was banned from that permanently (never bothered to try to circumvent it.) No problems with the other two. I think f3 stumbled a bit so I don't give it much thought but it looks like that is up, too.

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Oh, and you can post without even registering there. Posting as a "dot."

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That's what I love about it. At first the same was true for RH. It still is but not from Tor or a VPN unfortunately. The spambots are still active.

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Oh, and I can help shill your site. I actually pondered whether to post those others just in case you were invested in that other one. Looks like you are. Didn't mean to be rude.

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No problem man. I think a competitive mindset is counterproductive in this situation, and sometimes I promote Saidit instead of RH when I'm on Reddit (when it's more relevant to mention Saidit). And m7 likewise encouraged me with RH. Some people have a general love for forums and are happy to see those of others as well.

I would love it if you would shill my site. There's one thing, though. I've been shilling it and I receive support but there is no engagement right now, that requires other steps to be made such as a welcome message and a more clear definition of the topics it's intended for, to make it more inviting. I want to revamp the site.