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I know you are a bot, but the reason is that parents hate their children, so they absolutely want a babysitter for them while they work.

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It's all part of the modern slave initiative! Crushing debt from 18 - 65! (If you are lucky.)

Chains and whips are to obvious. It's easier to give you junk, get you domesticated to an easy life style and then threaten to take it all way if you miss gender someone. (Or get out of line in some way)

I strongly believe that the dept trap is intentional and encouraged as a form of control.

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It's a place where young people learn how to fuck.

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Free things tend to be of low quality.

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During covid lockdowns most colleges did online courses for kids. I take some online courses myself to better myself, now there are free resources out there that are not good but you do have to pay for quality and a course where you can ask questions from a knowledgeable person. And i don't see it as a waste of money when I do learn a lot.