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I wish we had picked our own damn cotten.

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Some of my ancestors did own six people, that's true.

Then again, some of my ancestors fought on the Union side of the Civil War.

And some of my ancestors were in Belgium and Sicily the whole time, and only came over after World War 1 forced them to eat shit like rotting horses they found in a culvert.

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My ancestors have been poor white dirt farmers since we moved over here from Ireland in the early 1900's. We wish everybody would just leave us alone.

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Sorry mate won't take that deal. But tell you what you pay me $50 and I'll grant you your freedom. I'm pretty reasonable that way.

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Okay, but first I want the Mongolians to admit their wrongdoings against the Hungarians!
Oh, and, I want you to round up everyone connected to ancient Persia and have them pay reoperations to the Greeks!
Actually, while I think about it, if you can genetically track down all the Goths and get them to appologise to the Romans, but also get the Romans to appologise to the Goths? I think the Goths should go first though!

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Well I certainly hope so, but I know that most white people are too dumb and filled with bigotry to apologize. To feel shame. That takes intelligence, and the ability to blush, which white people DO NOT have. God obviously didn't care much for white folk, he created black people to show the way humans are meant to look, act, and behave. Yes I'm white, yes I'm wealthy, but I'm also intelligent enough to know that 1) all humans come from Africa originally, 2) slavery existed long before Americans came along, and 3) we white people have a lot to make up for in spite of all that. Nothing can make slavery anything but an ugly and immoral institution. NOTHING.

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How is it fair to make us make up for something we didn't do, to people who weren't even the victims of it?

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That's the great excuse people give, "I didn't do it, why should I make amends for it." Because it's a humanity problem, not just a question of one person's guilt. All of us were victims of it, in case you didn't realize that, and we all should strive to make up for it so we don't keep making the monstrous mistakes of the past, that keep dragging ALL of us back down in the mud.

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I think you're a troll, though I'm not sure knowing how libtards can be these days. You're just turning racism around on white people, instead of eradicating it. Why? Just to win the woke olympics?

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If I'm a LIBTARD, I'm damn proud of it, I even have a "Registered LibTard" bumper sticker on my car. It's no insult to me that someone of lesser value like yourself has to resort of what you think are insults since you have no reserve of wit with which to respond. And yes, I win the Woke Olympics and I always will!! Hooray for me! I am the great "I am." I am that I am. And therefore I will always beat insects like you in the scheme of things!

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If y'all had just stood up for yourselves we would a had jazz, rock, rap, and delicious food a century earlier.

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It's unfortunate that our ancestors half assed it when it came to getting rid of their problems and now we have to deal with this trash.

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I wasn't involved so fuck off. 👍

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Why the fuck should I apologize, but let me give it a try. I apologize for slavery ending and letting animals have rights.

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Michael Brown from Ferguson doesn't get enough mention.

The police officer chased him down with a hail of bullets, while he ran for his life in flip flops. He lost the first flip flop dozens of feet back, before he was laid in a pool of his blood with 4 bullets in him, and the finally cop caught up to him, then at nearly point blank, he finished him off.

Too bad it wasn't an election year. No calls for justice from Democrats, smeared in the media, and a white washed Hunter Biden-like trial for the cop. No one even rallied a riot or even cared to steer the BLM into breaching the white house fence like in 2016, burning historic buildings in DC, nor holding state workers hostage in a surrounded building.