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I've noticed that quite often someone who's already sitting at such an intersection will wait for me to arrive there and stop before proceeding, as if they don't trust me to stop.

I have started, well, living up to their expectations by accelerating right through the intersection without stopping. Sometimes they honk or contort their little faces in anger, but what's the alternative? I'm not participating in some stupid little automotive kabuki theater with some retard who's too pussy to drive a car correctly.

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You sound like a person I could be best friends with.

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LOL thanks. Post definitely resonated with me.

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    They buttfuck every 4 way stop they come to.

    As far as buttfucking in the car during a 4 way stop, at least that would be a sweet excuse for not going on your turn.

    As far as those 4 fucktards I mentioned. I guarantee they all buttfuck eachother, or buttfuck themselves daily.

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    All four of them would crash in the middle and blame the far-right

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    This guy gets it.

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    Roundabouts are another puzzle for the idiots.

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    Bro I think there is a character limit, I couldn't even get into that today hahahaha. It's amazing to witness isn't it?

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    For and by.

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    Let me guess… California?

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    I've only been to California once, to Death Valley on a side trek from Vegas.

    I do travel a ton and have driven in all but a few states in the US. It's not geographical, the entire country is plagued with this stupidity.

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    CA outside of the LA and SF metro areas might as well be Lubbock, TX. Completely different animals.

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    Do Californians even know what a stop sign is?

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    Depends on which part. Bay Area treats stop signs as mostly optional when there’s no traffic around (California roll), but when there’s more than one car involved it becomes a UN peace treaty negotiation.

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    No we don't

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    The 4 way stop is also a perfect example of a paradox. If everyone followed the rules to the exact letter and no one is capable of breaking the rules; if 4 people come to a 4 way stop at the exact time, who goes first?

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    if 4 people come to a 4 way stop at the exact time, who goes first?

    There is not a designated rule as to who should go first. It is recommended that you wait for the most aggressive driver to make the first move and then proceed with caution.

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    That's when you all get out and have a death match in the intersection to establish seniority.

    That almost never happens, and if and when it does, it would be totally acceptable to all wave at eachother for social credit points like idiots til I hit the gas and make an executive decision.

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    That's when you all get out and have a death match in the intersection to establish seniority.

    I like this idea. Book it!

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    This driving habit is an epidemic of stupidity. The rules of the road are that the first car to get to a 4-way stop has the right of way. He, and the car going in the opposite direction can then go, and then we take turns with the perpendicular travelers. The waving conversation of "no, you go" is going to cause an accident if it hasn't already.

    The other new habit are people making a left turn no longer want to turn if there's a car waiting to exit the road they are turning onto. They always wave that car on. I've actually had one woman yell at me to move back so she could turn when I was well far back from the intersection. It seems turning the wheel more than 30-degrees requires unreasonable exertion.

    Sometimes I just sit there until the car with the right-of-way finally turns.

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    I've shut off my truck before. I shoot myself in the head with a finger gun and lay there. I've opened my window and hung out it. I stare blankly forward til they go. I stare at them profusely til they get it. I throw it in park and pretend I'm sleeping.

    We're not talking bang bang not quite sure who got there first, even though those are extremely easy to discern as well, we're talking 3 car lengths and I'm getting waved by.

    I intentionally do not stop on the close ones until way after they do, on purpose, to help their feeble minds, and it still doesn't work.

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    Why the harsh negative language? I don’t disagree with your main point but the hostility is just not needed. and then to essentially say you want those people to be beheaded… damn. Overreaction much? Maybe try some meditation or at the very least some therapy?

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    Dude, if this is an alt and you're playing soy boy, get fucked.

    If you're new here, well get used to it. I use dark humor. And I'm not gonna stop and cater to your pussy ass sensibilities.

    I meditate all the time. And you are in no position to make calls for therapy based on an internet comment in a place you're not used to. That was a VERY VERY FAGGOTY REDDIT thing to say.

    Pussy. And reading your other comment on your hour old account makes me want to call you a nigger too. Nigger.

    Edit: Okay, I was mean but language police are faggots. Sorry, not sorry. You're talking about self hate in your other comment, and I hate to break it you my brother but if words hurt your feelings, that's a level of insecurity that's off the charts, and you can't be that insecure and love yourself. Whether you like it or not. I love myself immensely, and I say nigger. Get over it. You've got it backwards.

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    I disagree. Waving someone through a four way stop when you have the right of way is a serious menace to navigation and an extremely dire crime that should carry capital punishment.

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    I'm thinking dashcams are an absolute necessity these days. Only way to protect yourself. Always assume the other guys think they're first. Watch the spin of their tires for timing, focus your chi and GO.

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    When a person claims they are constantly running into assholes, some say they should consider alternative explanations.

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    When did I ever say I wasn't an asshole?

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    It isnt so much that you are an asshole, but maybe you were never taught to behave as a decent and caring person.

    i would blame this on your parents and whatever circus school system you went thru.

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    Shut up geek

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    shut up geek

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    says the anonymous tranny.

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    shut up geek

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    Godzilla had a stroke trying to read this and fucking died.

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    Good, one less thing fucking everything up.

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    And make the actual stop before the white line, its actually fun and you can see whose has that "should i stop" anxiety if its busy. You see how americans just wanna throw each other in the pit. becuase probs no ine on here even does that Hell, a pig once flashlit me for stopping and waiting a few seconds like i always do.