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This is why they have banned me from the chat since the day I got here because I said that I don't hate Jewish people.

This is a direct violation of the pyramid of debate rules.








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I’ve said I don’t hate Jews and I fuck black women and I haven’t been banned. Maybe you’re just an asshole 🤷‍♂️

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Reported for dragging down the conversation

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I postulated a theory. It’s an important part of debate.

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I postulated a theory.

oh good.. i found some resource that shows how to perform prostate surgery without coma or death.

details provided how to drain the bladder and the colon.

fyi, i have a truck and some hand tools so i can provide unauthorized surgical services(roadside service availabe)

(there is a cartoon image of some kind of a penis, if you have religious issues)

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You can get your postulate checked by a doctor.

He'll run a tube up in there and and squirts orange juice up in there and check it out

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Life hack: you can pay a homeless dude and it’s way cheaper.

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The point of this place is that it's an experiment to see if people can communicate with one another without most of the banhammer rules. It's well known that I don't buy into the Jewish conspiracy bullshit and I haven't gotten banned. Did you threaten them with trying to get them booted or something?

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This site does not operate without the banHammer rules, as you say..

This site operates according to the rules of the pyramid of debate.

You cannot ban someone because you don't like them or agree with their opinion.

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Well, the pyramid is there as an aspirational thing, and I agree that we should try to adhere to the levels at the top. The big no-no rules are no spam (as if we can do anything about that) and no porn. But people can get overly precious in the chat. Best solution there is just not to bother with it. It's pretty empty calorie stuff most of the time anyways.

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Well, the pyramid is there as an aspirational thing

No I believe that when I register an account here at this website it states clearly that these are the rules according to which this website will operate.

It doesn't say this is some kind of a sort of a thing or we try to follow these rules, no, it says that these are the rules for this website.

If you want to sort of all of those rules and not follow them to the letter, damn like I love posting crazy porn.

And I have been working on building a bot that would automatically post certain types of videos etc and would automatically vote them to the top of the front page.

I can have just as much fun doing that.

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Sure, do what you like. But you really sound like you'd be happier on Reddit.

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Truth is I'm scared to say anything on Reddit.. if you blink wrong it gets downvoted.. I once posted up something about tuning up a carburetor on an engine and it got downvoted a lot.

My interest with social media is for my trading work and my plan is to host a zoom meeting which meets all of my needs.. I will have full audio and video and I can turn people's microphone or camera on or off..

Truth is I find these forums to be nothing but a cluster f*** of arguments.

And considering that I'm going to be fairly comfortable with money pretty soon, I am going to want what I want.

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Well, good luck!

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Go fuck yourself

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That's an awfully uncharitable response to someone who wishes you good luck, but you do you.

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Go fuck yourself

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Shut up kike

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Reported for dragging down the conversation.