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Op thinks Hitler was bad, should research Eisenhower and what he did until the red cross stepped in and forced him to stop.

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May you please tell me what to search to find out what you are talking about?

Or may you please tell me?

Thank you.

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January 29, 1953 [Released January 29, 1953-Dated January 24, 1953]

  • Dear Mr. Harriman:

Thank you for your courteous note of January 9th informing me that, under the By-laws of the American Red Cross, and by tradition, the President of the United States, upon his acceptance, becomes Honorary Chairman of the organization.

In all humility and fully conscious of the great importance of the American National Red Cross in our national community, I accept this position. To the extent that my official responsibilities permit, I shall stand ready to assist you, the other officers and members of the Red Cross in carrying on the great work of this important body.



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Still have no idea what you mean.