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If you have a penis, then you're a MALE ♂️

If you have a vagina, then you're a FEMALE.♀️

There's no such thing like a non-binary, humans cannot be genderless.

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    Bonus points for Talmud reference

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    That is simply stupid propaganda. They aren't "understanding" more they are simply brainwashed with this retarded bullshit.

    There are two sexes and gender simply refers to the secondary sex characteristics.

    People who think they are a sex different than they are have a mental illness no different than the people who think they are jesus.

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    Man are Attracted to Women Women are attracted to Men If it happens otherwise then you should treat the hormonal dysfunction you have. I asked once asked to point me to a publication that fags exist in biology and nobody could.. If you are a fag, get treated you degenerate.

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    That south central LA and Montana are different places, inhabited by different people, and that's why they are different.

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      Nah, college educated people make less than I do, and received their education that I received for free at the library. Total suckers. Plus, I know who you are, reply all you want, I left this comment for everyone else, this is all the time I'm willing to waste on you.

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        Don't be mad that you ended up a fat fuck who works for shekels while offering nothing to the world other than being a fatfuck on the internet. That's a you problem, faggot. Not a me problem.

        Sometimes you just have to look in the mirror and call yourself a worthless fat fuck and learn to accept it, that way you won't just stomp your feet on the internet like a fucking child when someone says something you don't like, like a faggot.

        Get over it asshole. I didn't go to college and I make more money than I know what to do with. Literally. Sorry that doesn't fit into your elitist view on college educated dimwitted fuckfaces that continued their indoctrination and payed way more money than it was worth. All to end up a box of rocks in the end. Sad really.

        Stop eating carbs so you can see your cock again. This is the first and most simple step to stop being a fat fuck.

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          If I decide to waste more time on you, that's my decision, isn't it, you little bitch?

          It's very apparent you're a fatass, because people who speak like you do and spend all day on the internet are fat fucks. It's just that simple. I've been calling you a fatass for years, just accept it. You're a fat fuck, so be it, stop eating, you're in control of it.

          I love how you use the word triggered, as if you think you have any power over anyone here to trigger them, nobody here is triggered by you fat fuck. You're a pathetic example of a normie asshole fat fuck, and we only see you as a sad existence. You aren't triggering anyone. Just your use of internet buzzword #343 explains clearly how big of a fatass you really are.

          Accept your pathetic existence, so you can move forward without your sense of importance you so clearly have.

          I know everything, and that's why you can't leave me alone. Every comment you type is a sad attempt at relevancy. And everyone sees through it. You're a fucking dolt, always have been, always will be. Accept it. And stop eating carbs.

          And stop upvoting yourself, you little bitch.

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            All that education and this how you a dumb fck with a mind of a two year old...should have spent that money on a trade school

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            College educated people like bitch tits here can’t comprehend the idea of autodidacts.

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            Nobody that paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to become an even bigger contributing useful idiot can.

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            It's ok to be white.

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            Communism has never worked. Ever.

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            And socialism only works on very small scale.

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            there are plenty of communist countries still around this very day and some are thriving. If it didn't work then the countries would have failed by now...We just don't agree with how it works for us because we didn't grow up in it. I wouldn't want to live there myself, but cant say it doesn't work. Or at least have to add that Our fake version of Democracy doesn't work either...

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              College educated people do not know that at Communism has never worked.

              I’m fact, communism and Marxism theory is a staple of college education. The professors don’t know it has never worked.

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                Have you? I can be informed in something and also disagree with some dip shit geek journal writer paid by the highest bidder.

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                  You are a twat.

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                  Communism has never worked. Ever.

                  Communism won the korean war, vietnam war well every war the US got involved in.

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                  To what end?

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                  I’m asking you to define the term “won”

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                  Look at every war the US has been in, the US (America) has lost every war and gave the enemy (communist) billions of dollars worth of weapons. In Afghanistan the US gave Afghanistan something like 7 billion.

                  define the term “won”

                  If you need an explanation then try webster's dictionary or Google dude.

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                  I’m asking you to define “won” in this context, since you made the assertion that communism “won” in Korea and Vietnam.

                  What does winning look like for those people?

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                  Jesus is GOd, loves you, wants you to believe in his sacrifice for your behalf

                  Demons exist, hate you, and have bamboozled most of the world in to not believing the above

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                  "Religion has actually convinced people that there's an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do. And if you do any of these ten things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever 'til the end of time!

                  But He loves you.

                  He loves you, and He needs money!

                  He always needs money!

                  He's all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can't handle money!"

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                  I miss Carlin so much

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                  Me too. He had such a remarkable talent for cutting through bullshit.

                  The only people I think who have that capability now are Dave Chappelle, Bill Maher, Bill Burr and Penn Jillette, but none of them are anywhere close to the same league.

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                  laughing at it now doesnt make hell less of a torment FYI

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                  True, but people who make a big point of letting everyone know their beliefs are going there just like the people who don't have those beliefs.

                  Matthew 6:5

                  Don't deny your religion, it's a beautiful thing. But even Jesus doesn't want you shoving it down people's throats.

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                  Literally the main job of a christian is to spread the religion but ok

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                  That's really funny actually. Who told you that? That's actually probably the single biggest difference between Islam and Christianity. Islam does believe that. It's explicitly encouraged to convert people in the Koran and even to go to war for it. Nowhere in the bible does it say anything like that as far as I am aware.

                  Evangelical Christians do practice that belief but it's founded on nothing except a desire to spread their branch of the religion. It was just religious leaders seeking power.

                  In the bible there are hundreds of passages about the benefits of converting personally and how important it is to be baptized and to accept Jesus and God. It's definitely considered valid to preach, but to preach through education and understanding. But it's explicitly stated not to try to convert anyone who doesn't feel compelled to.

                  Please though, I fully admit there is a possibility I am missing something. Provide me any passage in the bible where Jesus, God or any prophet of god condones trying to convert others by any means like that. It definitely condones preaching, and allowing others to accept God, but it explicitly forbids trying to push it on people who are not taking that first step of asking or trying to accept Jesus. At least as far as I am aware, but I welcome being proven wrong. I would feel much better about the world if Christians were actually obeying the teachings of Christ, because objectively even if you are not a Christian, Jesus was among the wisest and most insightful individuals ever to live. We should all seek to follow his path.

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                  I can't help but think you are either extremely unintelligent, a failure of a troll who looks extremely unintelligent, or a biblical illiterate. It is literally a direct commandment from god.


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                  "Gospel" is a mistranslation specifically in the King James version, the word is closer to "good news", and the news being implied is the next line which says if you are baptized you can go to heaven.

                  But that's alright, you have basically successfully proven me wrong. It is in the King James version of the Bible and I had completely forgotten about that. So you are right.

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                  It's not a mistranslation it's an old word. There are a few of them you have to learn and then you can read the world's superior English translation. It's not even hard.

                  gg admitting though

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                  Stop learning religion from Pope Francis. He’s a confused man.

                  Christians cannot force you to believe. But if Christians believe that the only way not to go to hell is through Jesus, and they love their neighbor like Jesus says, they will try to convince their neighbor to become Christians.

                  This is not jihad like in Islam. Christians don’t go around killing infidels and apostates or plan world domination. Christians spread the gospel everywhere before Jesus returns to judge the world.

                  The last command of Jesus before going to heaven was telling his apostles to go around the world and proselytize.

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                    BYU teaches them about the way to become your own god of your own world, but they probably leave the space aliens part for later in the theology training

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                    it is not possible for a biological male to give birth

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                    Bone Conduction headphones are clearly superior to all other kinds of headphones...

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                    This is the only fucking answer right here.

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                    That if someone is nice to you and says they love you, you should believe it, but if someone makes you feel bad and says they love you, you should not believe it.

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                      I've got a degree and it took me many, many years post graduating to come to this realization. Obviously, you haven't met the wrong person yet. 😄

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                      Sexual dimorphism.

                      Also children can understand basical ideas like Justice, Truth and Freedom, but our modern day "intelectuals" are always messing up with those.

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                        Okay, define justice, define truth and define freedom.

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                        prove it.

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                            In reality, the three studies recognize that children are capable of apprehending these basic ideas.

                            You've also NOT provided evidence that 'modern day "intelectuals" are always messing up with those

                            Okay, here it goes:


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                              to claim that it's somehow being taught in schools (but it's not)

                              Yes it is! That's literally one of the basis for Social Constructivism.

                              And I know a bit about Piaget, even though he had some interesting perspectives, his theory failed to create an organized and reproducible educational method. Keep in mind that Piaget's and Vygotsky's Works were forbidden in Socialist countries during the Cold War and these countries had the best public education in the whole world.

                              If you wanna know about the abilities of children, László Polgár and Toru Kumon are the real deal, they are the guys actually creating genius.

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                                That you could save 15% or more by switching to GEICO.

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                                • US left and right are equally retarded
                                • Holywood lied to everyone, US is a the biggest bully and it's not as cool is it got everyone to believe.
                                • Europeans are the biggest pussies/cucks in the universe

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                                calling the most powerful nation with the most successful economy a bully is such a whiney cope.

                                other countries could be in that position if they wanted to but they don't want American's level of individual responsibility or crazy lifestyle

                                which is fair but it's a choice they make every day

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                                Most powerful nation according to Burgers & Eurocucks. The rest of the world strongly disagree with that bullshit.

                                Most successful economy

                                lool, yes after the WWII for a while, then it became a debt-based economy centered around printing money and bullying small countries.

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                                  College educated people can understand figures of speech. Or they used to.

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                                  How fiat currency works. Most economic and financial classes obscure this simple system.

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                                  Hmm, not sure about that one. I suspect most children haven't thought about how the government can print as much money as they want, and if they have, a lot of them might at first think this is a good idea, just like the college educated idiots.

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                                  The exception does not disprove the rule.

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                                  How to save and spend money. They got a piggy bank that they save money in, and then when it grows enough they buy whatever they need. Instead of buying whatever they want and wasting money on a $7 coffee.

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                                  Progressive income tax.

                                  I once had a table of 10 plus bankers, all with multiple degrees and languages, arguing with me that they paid 40% tax on their whole salary. They were really shocked to find out that wasn't the case.

                                  These people were voting and even moving country on that basis. It came up because one of them had turned down an amazing promotion on the basis it would put them into a higher tax bracket, and so they thought they'd actually take home less money. Lots of them had done the same in the past and agreed with the guy.

                                  These are the people who think they are financial experts and politicians go to them for advice on the economy.

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                                  SAIDIT needs a downvote option.

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                                  per-capita. This simple concept fucks college blacks up to no end but White kids get it.

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                                  Reality does not care what you believe

                                  I think children are more prone to wishful thinking than adults. Anything where children would be superior would be outside the box thinking, where the solution is obvious once you can lay down your cultural programming.