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She'll die a spinster- deservedly so.

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Maybe not if she becomes conservative.

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Dumb cunt.

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I don't usually watch this silliness. I mean, men and women have fallen inline with the new status quo. So-called traditional males know what to look for in a good woman, those that are not and see themselves as progressive are not able to get those women. And really, it's vice versa too.

But I suppose it is amusing to see. When I compare my own family life to this sort of stuff, I thank my lucky stars. I'm here wasting time until my kids get their mornings together and they're going to help me start building a garden brick shed this morning. Last night I was sat doing homework with the kids. Tonight, my wife is cooking up a storm for dinner, the house is clean as a whistle and I honestly think, this is happy. This is what happy is. If my wife was a progressive type that demanded all this neoliberal shite of me, I wouldn't be happy with that, she wouldn't either and as a result neither would our kids.

I would say this woman should not compromise as it won't last. I wouldn't date this woman in a million years. I mean, she doesn't exactly illiterate what she does offer outside of helping out with the homemaking. Raising kids takes two people! That is, to do it well. My kids have their father figure, they have their mother figure. When they were young, we split changing the nappies, she did more of the night crying and feeding as I was up in the morning for work and that absolute queen would make sure that there my packed lunch was there in the fridge for me to take too. She is still an avid craftswoman, she has her own room with all her yarns, equipment and I have no problem at all if she wants to go spend some cash on a new sewing machine, it's her escape. Just like her, playing music is my escape.

I cannot fathom why a man would sign up for a neolib type who only has her looks to offer and demands the world revolve around her. It teaches the kids a shite lesson too. My kid has two friends raised by single parents. One is an absolute terrorizer and only wants to break things, the other is, well, a weakling. It just goes to show. Both parents needed but a neolib woman just doesn't cut it for motherhood IMO.

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So-called traditional males would be better off dating other so-called traditional males.

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Just so everyone knows, the above is a paid poster trying to disrupt our conversations on this site. Click the "block user" button above and disengage.

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Another accusation that is a confession.

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A real man provides a dishwasher and takeout.

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Does that nigger have pieces of shit growing on his head?

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Stop making our website look bad

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While you post a video of some worthless nigger mocking a white woman....

Oh aren't you the dumbass who thought jews had nothing to do with mass immigration?

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You do that just fine by concern trolling.

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Just so everyone knows, the above is a paid poster trying to disrupt our conversations on this site. Click the "block user" button above and disengage.

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Who is paying me?

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Um, Satan?

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Like the one you have between your ears where a brain should be?