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All meaningful protesting was extinguished during OWS and there hasn't been the ability to meaningfully protest in the US, since. Democracy in the US was already long in a death spiral, but this was the nail in the coffin.

I suspect this wasn't a coincidence, but the reaction by big corporate bankers needing to react.

Due to the needs of these corporations to silence the public's very serious accusations of systematic abuse, professional services sprang up providing processional services for protest busting, protest infiltration, paid violent counter-protesting, and protester stalking, identification, and targeting.

Absolutely nothing that Occupy Wall Street was protesting was improved in the slightest and everything has gotten much much worse. The same problems keep growing and repeating.

To insult us further, the history of what OWS was and was about, has been manipulated. Lately, they continue to spin it into a diluted unreachable modern Lib decoy fantasy, one that is a perpetually unsolvable conundrum, with no possible solution, such as ones meant to dupe new generations of college students into decades long support. Although OWS always was sprinkled with some of Bernie Sanders' ashes, it was made up of a more realistic and diverse perspective.

As I remember the main reasons I protested OWS (learning how dangerous, manipulated, and not worth-while traditional protesting was):

  • The political bribery system of campaign donations.
  • The corruption of our representative system through the need of political campaign to be focused on nothing but campaign money.
  • Banks gambling with our money, then being bailed out with tax payer money when they had a big losing streak.
  • Banks abusing customers with ATM fees, overdraft scams, and manipulated transaction orders to maximize fee-scams.
  • Government spying, secret FISA courts, and law enforcement's spying with efforts to manipulate politics and political movements.
  • Governments, banks, and corporations stealing, buying/selling, and monetizing our privacy.
  • Reckless and profit-driven corporations profiting by the dangerous industrialization of food and every industry, resulting in the polluting, poisoning, and destroying the environment and public health. Worse, our government's history of covering for them, ensuring no liability. Topic of the times were oil spills, benzene in soda, forever chemicals, GMOs, RoundUp, hormones in industrial farming, etc.
  • Endless wars, killing, torturing, overthrowing governments, and destroying democracy abroad.
  • Similarly, continued colonialism.
  • Rampart financial inequality. (Every time a liar uses the fake solution of "tax the rich", this gets worse, because the actual rich have no taxable income and the poor have their income tax mostly waved, so this just equates to endlessly increasing taxes on the middle class and wondering why the rich aren't impacted.)

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The only way you're ever going to change things is if people literally get fed up enough to start "painting the streets red" and go full Project Mayhem. No childless adult nowadays has the balls for that, though. "Bread and circuses" will placate any population, and in the US, Millennial and Zoomer men have Uber Eats, Netflix, and PlayStation to keep them as good little slaves. And Zoomers, while less Progressive than Millennials, are still huge pussies by-programming, to the point they're afraid to not "misgender" trannies, even if they don't like them.

Why someone doesn't just permanently "take care" of Klaus Schwab, or Putin, or Jinping (not that that'd fix China), makes me think they're just all chickenshits. Most of these tyrants don't even have armed bodyguards. They just know the people are completely weak cause we're all living in Demolition Man IRL and the rest of us are all sewer-dwellers eating ratburgers. Or maybe it's just me like that, cause I don't have family and see this world getting worse and worse daily.

But yeah, until people are ready to have BLOODY revolution, not a single thing will change. And so many conservatives showed how fucking pussy they were by tsk-tsking "January 6th," and putting shitstains like Nancy Pelosi before their own freedom. The same tyrants who kept the American people OUT OF WORK FOR A YEAR, while making guys like Jeff Bezos and Albert Bourla even richer, and tried to force vaccines on the people against their will, including cops and nurses, so they can get paid even more money by Pfizer. THOSE absolute scumfucks in Congress, Republicans will defend, before their own people, even though January 6th was a nothing-burger of bullshit triggered by paid actors. The weakest, most peaceful "insurrection" or "coup" in global history.

I'm not even an army vet or anything; I'm just saying Jefferson knew what the fuck he was talking about when he said "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Good luck finding actual men in the 2020s Western world for THAT, though.

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I worry we are past that point. Too weak, frail, mentally manipulated, made hopeless mental and physical addicts to technology stimuli and chemicals, while being sickened by a poisoned food supply, emotionally unstable from hormone disrupting pollution, and thoroughly deceived about every aspect of our own world, through the massive coordinated control of our every source of information.

I'm not so sure the public would have a chance against their army of law enforcement, their network of spying, and their comfort in routinely destroying people who speak out, rather on those who dare take up arms.

We've seen on Jan 6th how even questioning their corruption results in the swift use of corruption to destroy you. They are still dealing out 15 years sentences for people who didn't do anything but protest peacefully, many who didn't even enter the Capitol Building; the same building where Democrats brought protesters inside to to protest and yell from the visitor's area inside, in-part along with House Democrats obstructing with objections to electors, which disrupted the Jan 6, 2017 electoral count, forcing it to reconvene for a special session later, where 2 protesters broken into the actual chamber....both times they cheered on the protesters. They are still inflicting career and life ending retribution against any politician who followed their oaths and duties to investigate election concerns brought to them, to lawyers who followed legal procedures to attempt to litigate the many election problems, and anyone who spoke out publicly.

We are just lucky they don't have an open pit grave the size of several foot ball fields full of bodies from those rounded up who spoke out on social media about the election.

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I believed this for a long time. ESG scores were used and modified as a direct result of Occupy Wall Street to pit people against each other.

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Bingo. They infiltrated and destroyed Occupy Wall Street and used the media to make them look like clowns (the woke people like that one girl, Ketchup, actually BEING clowns.) Then they weaponized it and wrote the modern woke playbook to successfully Divide and Conquer. You now gotta gatekeep and gatekeep HARD or these woke moles will Bud-Light you.

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I knew they would fold like a dollar store umbrella just like the antiwar movement petered out as soon as George W. Bush was term limited out of office. Boomers made a joke out of political activism in this country, and every generation after them has just exacerbated the problem.

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ocutardism turned into a filthy unsanitary mess at the city dwellers expense while the OM 'leaders' lived in expensive hotels.

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There wasn’t a premeditated 50 point plan of discussion with governments over how to fix their own grievances, ows was an experiment on organic protest that never culminated. All that stuff may still produce something better down the road.

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