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Thank you, good sir. Now I can access the files behind Tor. Now we just need a userscript that changes catbox links to this.

And what a cheerful, compassionate bunch in that video. When's conspiracy pride month? It is my assessment that conspiracy theorists are the most marginalized group of all. Let's see how compassionate people are.

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Cool. Looks like it was smart for more reasons that I thought.

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This is also useful cause some DNS providers block catbox. Thanks for sharing!

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What is a cashing proxy?

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It temporarily stores the file on a faster server so that the second time its loaded (perhapse by someone else) it happens quicker. Catbox is impressive in how much data it stores, and how many sites are using it (total bandwidth). But it is not impressive at speed. By using a website that doesn't need to do everything catbox does it only needs to be good at delivering the file fast.

So a proxy acts as an intermediary for the request for the image.
A caching proxy only retrieves the image/video once from catbox even if there are hundreds of requests, saving catbox bandwidth, and serving files faster. I'm still operating on free bandwidth so it costs me nothing to do that.

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This is an impressive project and looks useful. I have a question for you. You said:

A caching proxy only retrieves the image/video once from catbox....

At the top of this page, you said your server holds the file for 15 minutes. What happens if that file is not requested again before the 15-minute time limit is reached? Does your server have to download the file again from Or, what is the consequence of the 15-minute time limit being met?

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That is very cool, I have never heard of this.

I googled “cashing proxy” and learned a bit more:

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I invented the coin operated toilet

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This looks like a good service. The video played with no lagging. I also noticed that catbox was getting slow, so I stopped using it to host files. Since they have become popular, the demand on their servers must be great.

The content of the video made me sad. I see that our nation has fallen. The children are being indoctrinated at such a young age, even before they hit puberty. The sheep are among wolves and don't even see the danger.

Babylon is fallen!

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Next year, they'll funnel them straight to the gym where a legion of painted up men will be waiting to ass rape each and every one of them.

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Sex offenders

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You seem to know a bit about that because it’s the only way you’ve ever gotten laid.

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Do you do any archiving?
Have you any interest in archiving?
After the 15 minutes you could transfer it to a slower indie-server for long-term storage (like mine, until my server inevitably dies, is upgraded, or evolved).

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i have an interest in learning to drive a truck

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Thanks for sharing! That is a real find for me!