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Which is why it literally all comes from a non-white race.

All humans have blood. "blush" is only one possible meaning, and if anything it would indicate that only red-skinned people are human, not whites.

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Like Adam, Noah could be identified as exhibiting “the whiteness of the pearl” — and many of those who were destroyed in the Flood must have violated the law of “kind after kind” by mixing with non-Adamic peoples and thereby losing their ability to truly “show blood in the face” which is possible only when you have the “whiteness the pearl.”

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You're just making this up

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Bible Says Only Whites are Descendants of Adam

Sure. Also, I just learned that Cleopatra was black.

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Oh look, Asians can blush too. And although our eyes have difficulty seeing the blush reaction in dark skin that does not mean dark skinned people don't blush.

Bible Says Only Whites are Descendants of Adam

No it doesn't. Show me the chapter and verse where the Bible says that only white people are descendants of Adam.

“The Bible tells us how to identify Adam — and the generations of Adam — by the simplicity of his name

No it doesn't. Show me the chapter and verse where the Bible says that you can identify Adam and his descendants by the name.

What does that even mean? If your name is "Christopher" you're not a descendant of Adam because the name is too complicated?

derived from two words in Hebrew — “aw dam”

No it isn't. The name derives from Adam (Hebrew: אָדָם), the name which God the Father used to refer to men and women both male and female, according to the Hebrew Bible, which is, in turn, derived from the noun adamah (אדמה), meaning "soil" or "earth". "Adam" is derived from the word for blood, or red and can be best translated as "child of the red earth".

And now you know why people used to say that the native American Indians with their red skin were the lost tribe of Israel.

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Ask and ye shall receive:

‘Perfect in his generations’ = he was Adamic.

Those who adulterated the blood, slept with non Adamic women, were to be destroyed by a Great Flood: “And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.” Many of the people of Adam betrayed God by creating non Adamic people so God resolved to destroy them.

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That verse says nothing at all about Noah being white.

The bible says that Adam and Eve are the progenitors of all of humanity. You are spreading heresy and you will burn in Hell for it.

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LOL! You know that only God can damn someone to Hell, ya know? He might do it to those who call for it on others.

God caused the Flood because the Adamic people He created began reproduction with non Adamic people. They betrayed the 7th Commandment and adulterated the blood. Only Noah, his wife, and sons were pure in their generations.

How is an Adamic person to recognize another? Well, Adamic people can blush. God wanted the Adamic people he created to remain pure, much like Orthodox Jews today. The world is being punished for not heeding His words.

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Nothing you say is in the bible. Every word of it is a satanic lie. You are a heretic spawn of satan.

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Since you didn’t capitalize ‘Bible’, you are likely demonic.