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You should understand that research into pedophilia is very uncertain, statistics can be unreliable in both directions (either over-counting or under-counting) and all results should be taken with a generous pinch of salt, but the data suggests that most pedophiles are straight or at least not too picky about the sex of the children they abuse.

If you read only one of the following links, you should read this one.

  • Pedophilia is very rare in women including lesbians. It is more or less a purely male disorder. (At least 99% of offenders are male.)
  • Sexual offenses against girls are at least twice as common as against boys. In Australia girls about 2.7 times more likely than boys to report being sexually molested before the age of 15.
    • The definition of molestation varies greatly, it can including anything from exposing a child to pornography to genital rape.
  • One study on pedophiles who have offended and been caught suggest that there are about 11 times more straight pedophiles than gay pedophiles.
  • Another study suggests that pedophiles tend not to differentiate between boy and girl children, they don't have strong preferences either way. This suggests that straight men who prefer children won't be too picky, if they can't get access to girl children they'll make do with boy children.
  • More recent research strongly suggests that gay men are no more likely to be attracted to children or early pubescent teens (11-14 year olds) than are straight men.

Some other relevant information:

  • Most cases of child sexual abuse are done by people who know their victims, usually family members, not strangers.
  • Not all child molesters are pedophiles, many such crimes are crimes of opportunity rather than preference.
  • Not all pedophiles act on their desires.
  • Most abusers only victimize one or two children. But a tiny minority of abusers victimize many hundreds of children.

Hope this helps.

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Regardless of the community, sexual assault is wrong. duck life

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THE LGBT+ community is specifically being accused of “grooming” children for sexual abuse / assault. This is why I specifically ask about this community.

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Let me guess, they are disproportionately higher in the TQ.

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