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I wonder if they're depressed because they aren't masturbating, or if they are anti-masturbation because they think it will help their depression and anxiety. I have read that perceived sexual dissatisfaction correlates with negative mental wellbeing and health outcomes.

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Yes, I always wonder about the arrow of causation with these correlations as well, and its rarely something they look at

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Something wrong, they think making life harder will be better.

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Says the username, asking for trouble.

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yeah i did nofap for months once and i realized that building a better life and don't care about masturbation is better than doing nofap in general.

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Obsession with sex is unhealthy in both directions. It is not healthy simply to go wild and expect to find happiness fucking like a bunny; it doesn't work and people who try it end up --- you guessed it, depressed and suicidal. Simultaneously, it's not healthy to categorically reject all sexual activity and expect to find happiness living as a renunciate. People who do this are every bit as obsessed with sex as the bunny fuckers; they've just inverted their obsession into its mirror image.

The way to happiness is to release the obsession with sex in either direction. Sex is not the answer, no matter how it's approached (either "sex will save me!" or "sex will condemn me!"); it's just another area where we put way too much energy. Sex and romance addiction is a real thing. The key is to downsize its importance in our thought process.

There are 12-step groups for sex obsession just like there are for the more traditional addictions, and they realize this obsession can go both directions. It takes work and it takes time.

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Correlation vs causation. Obviously only single men who don't have any near term expectation of a relationship would find that stuff relevant.

The only relevant metric is if participation in those groups helps them in any way.

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