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amen 🙏

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This is good stuff! I am encouraged to see faith here on Saidit! LarrySwinger, I believe the Holy Spirit helped you write this poem (rap).

Many of the first will be last While the last will be first

The Lord recently revealed to me that Magdalena was one of those. The world thought of her as being the last, because of her sins. But she repented, as your poem encourages us to do, and she was the first to see Jesus resurrected from the dead in the garden! If you would like to read it, how she became first to see Jesus resurrected because of her repentance and great love for him, it's in John 20:10~18.

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Thanks, I'll check it out. Your faith encourages me too. I was struggling at the end of January, and then I saw your post about the highest command being to love God wholeheartedly and I thought: that includes seeing my current lot as something that came from God. That helped me accept it instantly and I saw that it wasn't so bad because there were no severe consequences. The negative stuff was behind me at that point and my challenge was not to dwell on it.

Regarding the rap, I wrote it sort of as a freestyle rap, with some editing but minimal. But now the lack of structure bothers me. This rap has no refrain.

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That's a good attitude you have, to accept the suffering as something allowed by God for your good. He promises that if you love him, then all things work together for your good. The book of Job tells a story of incredible suffering that a righteous man went through, but when he was finished and passed his test of faith, God blessed him with more than what was taken away! God will do the same for you if you remain faithful.

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Nice Jesus rap!

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Ugh. Religion.

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Deal with it!

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I pray not.

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Of course you don't want to deal with religion, because for you that means going straight to hell. ;)

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I'd have to believe in Hell to go there.

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/u/tiny-brown-mug I forgot to ping you.