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Been using it since CuckedDuckGo was revealed to be as useless as Chrome / Joogle.

NB: Ensure you use Yandex or the like for any political or "controversial" searches -- if you want unvetted results, that is. Here an example of why:

Here's an infographic about where searches are derived from:

Here are some other "uncompromised" search engines:

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Startpage simply scrapes Google's results. I use for controversial results, but Startpage for tech-related things.

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I've been using . It's not too bad, though it shunts you to Google or Bing for image searches.

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How did you export your bookmarks and get them into Brave? I do not like to reveal my ignorance but I want to use Brave. I think you're Mac and so am I.

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Go to settings and search for 'import'.

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That simple? Don't tell anybody I asked you. 😬

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Brave is awesome. I keep 3 profiles, each with their own button on my taskbar. One profile for personal stuff, one for business stuff, and one for hobbies. Each keeps its own memory of tabs. With that and Qwant search engine, I am enjoying my experience.

Plus, let's remember that Brave is built on Chromium, the open-source engine that underpins Chrome, WITHOUT BEING Chrome.

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Braves alright. It's a bit clunky, but I had no real complaint when I tried it.

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I'm using Librewolf (Firefox fork) on desktop and Brave on mobile. Had to do some tweaking in Librewolf with UserChrome.css and some about:config tweaks to get the UI to an acceptable state, but other than that it's been stable with no major issues.

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You can restore the compact view in Firefox despite not being officially supported. I use it, it works.

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Thanks, that makes a ton of difference! Still I don't like how the tabs are buttons as opposed to being attached to the location bar. And what I really love the most is tabs at the bottom and being attached to the content of the webpage, like the old versions of Firefox used to have, and as is still the case in Seamonkey. It isn't very logical but it just looks so good. Regardless, Firefox's look is now acceptable.

I have tried compact view in the past and it actually resulted in serious issues where I lost access to my tab bar, everything about it was glitching. I'll try it again, maybe the issues are resolved.

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Brandon Eich was fired from Mozilla because he donated to the wrong charity. Now he is in charge of the Brave browser. I use it too. It blocks advertising and shows non-invasive ads you earn credit for in your Brave Wallet. I got $5 worth of credit so far.

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I've been using Brave for a while now. It's not complete garbage, but there are little differences that can give the occasional headaches. One is that there's some setting that can get reset that makes all your text mash up into one unreadable line when you use Google Docs.

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Good thing I don't use Google Docs.

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Yeah, they're shit, but work compels me.

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Firefox has a god awful amount of spy crap by default. They'd probably call it 'anonymized telemetry', but it records every time you close a tab, for instance. Then, everything that seems to be security, has the dual purpose of collecting you r information, because you can't know if a website/download is malware, without sending your every link, or hash of every link, to Google, or some super good-deed doing, better not question them totally not a 3 letter government front, security promoting non-profit conglomerate...

It is so bad, that it is an integral part of the browser, so much so that forks struggle to turn it all off and the whole browser is an insecure turd because of its fundamental creation around spying on you....the chromium engine; a turd with a shiny outside.

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From what I read back when. Google was started by two "ex" NSA dudes. Like you can get out once you're in ;-)

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I suspect all large corporations are easily compelled by the US government, using threat of anti-trust, think about the children, or think about the environment regulatory blackmail. While the obvious monopolies are allowed to collect mass information, abuse the public en mass, and monopolize with free reign, they may have government background, but I doubt that alone puts them well above others, who also are compelled as a tool against the public by both government threat and incentive (I suspect the gov is the biggest customer of this data collection and infiltration, censorship, suppression for-hire). These government sized corporations didn't actually get this way based on their on-paper revenue sources of ....empty dust.

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It seems kind of abrupt how you switch the subject to Chromium in the last sentence.

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Firefox uses the Chromium engine under the hood. Firefox, more specifically, uses the Quantum browser engine flavor of Chromium.

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Okay, your post makes more sense that way, but where are you getting this information from? There's no such thing as 'the Chromium engine'. Chromium uses Blink but I can't find any source that says Quantum is based on Blink.

Firefox, more specifically, uses the Quantum browser engine flavor of Chromium.

This is a BS statement. Quantum is a browser engine, Chromium is a browser.

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You seem to misunderstand some basics that Wikipedia and a little googling could clear up, but the situation is confusing and some members of the situation have incentive to confuse about their place in it.

Quantum is private customized version of Google's open source Chromium browser engine. Firefox would like to think that this means it is not based on Chromium.

The Chromium browser engine is not to be confused with the browser "Google Chrome" and the browser "Chromium," both of which are, of course, based on the Chromium engine.

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firefox better than chrome, but yeah if you are at an level that you suspect duckduckgo, use every measure (freebsd, etc.)

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I'm using Brave as well, seems to be best option at the moment

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Vivaldi is a good one too. Lots of options for the interface.

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I'm sure it's good, I had a good experience with Opera back in the mid-'00s, but it isn't FOSS so no.