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hhahah, they are mad because you are correct and they have no rebuttal. You are more than welcome to vent about that here, most of us are fellow reddit wrongthink refugees as well

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Thanks. It just blows my mind reddit admins got involved over a comment so innocuous.

But I guess a valid point that's impossible to refute is like kryptonite to a broken ideology.

I don't even care about winning the argument that much, I just want to be able to have the discussion publicly. That's now verboten as well on one of the most popular websites on the internet. Unreal.

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It's manufactured consent. Reddit is straight up socially engineering it's userbase to think there's only one way to think about "trans" issues, when in reality most people don't buy into it.

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Welcome. I agree they should not have banned you. Indeed your comment offers an opportunity for an argument against it, for a debate. I think your comment is the opposite of what has happened, but Redditors could merely state this rather than ban you. (Trans surgery is not for the purpose of proving a point about a streotype, and it is the very definition 'progressive' that we allow LGTBQ+ adults to get on with their lives without OUR obsessing about them. The only ones obsessed with trans people are the far right. Non-binary people have always existed.)

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Reddit's a cesspool who's only advantage is that it's still the biggest news aggregation site out of all the potential competitors; if it was up to the leftists alone, it would've already collapsed under the weight of all the increasingly impossible purity tests.

But yeah, they're ODDLY protective of pedos, trans, and other sexual degenerates; I got banned outright for saying pedos should go in a woodchipper, and even now months later I still don't regret saying it. It lets you know who it is that rules over you in regards to social media. Eventually a competitor will pick up enough people migrating from Reddit that we can safely leave it in the internet's dustbin. Free speech died on Reddit the same day Aaron did; what's left is just leftist agitprop and CCP intelligence operations. I only occasionally go back there to sample the madness and reinforce my belief that it's where good ideas go to die.

We're all better off building up sites like this to become a true alternative.

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sliding scale rates penis removal service roadside service 24 hours

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What if I want to donate my penis to Charity?

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When we chop them off we just feed them to the pigs but if you want it given to the Salvation Army that's fine with us too but there'll be an extra $5 charge

Thank you for shopping at Walmart

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It's important you took a stand for what's right. Like the Stones wrote: go down to the demonstration to get your fair share of abuse.

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True. It's just crazy this 0.1% obscure sexual issue has somehow become the third rail of all discussion in mainstream spaces. Yet it's pushed constantly.

I think they just want everyone to go crazy from how little sense it makes, as a method of controlling and demotivating people

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Or distracting everyone from something important they are trying to accomplish but would never be able to succeed if people are paying attention

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This is it, right here. If we're busy fighting each over over stupid bullshit, we won't be fighting them as they take everything away from us.

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Not obscure - 25% of kids now identify as LGBTQ/other. The kids are going crazy, but this is the symptom, not the cause.

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That'd be because kids want attention and are being propagandized constantly. There's even the celebrity element with drag queens coming to tell the same lie to kids that they, "knew since I was four years old". My niece has decided she's trans now, and is claiming she knew since she was four years old, except her mother is LGBTQ+ (L) and the school had a drag queen (celebrity, essentially) come in. Funny how she only ever expressed a desire to be trans after the propagandists came, and funny how her story is the same boilerplate story the propagandists use to brainwash them, and funny how she's always been a little attention seeker, and funny how she was always the most girly of girls in all her choices before that point despite absolutely no interference from her leftist mother. The same story is repeated endlessly but if we mention it we're accused of being "far right" or some other nonsense. There's absolutely no point putting our trust in statistics generated by liars either.

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Reddit is trash! Can't have any reasonable conversation or debate, it's just everyone repeating what they are told to believe.

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There is overwhelming bot activity I reckon as long as 15 months ago. It's impossible to make conversation with machines that can't learn

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Liberalism and Feminism do not make sense.

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    Liberalism in the USA is Left-Wing, and Liberalism in the UK is right-wing.

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    At least saidit exists where I can bitch about it without having my account suspended

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    Oh that's rookie numbers

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    Haha, true. I got a permaban from Ask Reddit . The question was "What's something that's true about women, that nobody talks about?". My answer was, "That trans women are them."

    Totally worth it.

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    From my testing you can be any kind of ist and ism if you word it right but you talk about the troons and they just kill any descent.

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    Certain types of truth are forbidden on Reddit. The admins strictly police speech that is posted to the platform and will ban anyone who persists in engaging in unapproved fact.

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    And that list gets longer by the day. Gotta have something to do when your entire life consists of doomscrolling.

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    And that list gets longer by the day. Gotta have something to do when your entire life consists of doomscrolling.

    Goes hand-in-hand with the politics of fear. This is pushed by people who insist we place a higher value on virtue signaling than we do on actual solutions to real problems.

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    You're lucky. I said "women are never born with a penis" and permanent ban.

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    Wear it as a badge of honor: I was perma-banned six months ago for saying the Vax Gestapo deserved the same fate as the 'real' one [hanged after a trial] and they fluttered about 'OMGVIOLENCE!!!'.

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      The majority will just go along with it and accept each new impingement on their freedom, the same as they just buy in to proprietary solutions rather than going to the effort of learning how to run GNU+Linux. The effort barrier will keep most people where they are even in and of itself, but couple that with the knock-on effect of all their friends being in the prison and it becomes pretty difficult to shift them.

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      Got a week long ban about a month ago and my first 3 day ban in 2021. Coincidentally, (or maybe not) on subs that got banned shortly after.

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      Reddit is a leftist platform through and through, which is why they have a karma (social credit) system designed to censor opposing views. I really don't see how they can hold the views they hold, unless they're completely incapable of rational thought and are ruled by their emotions and easily brainwashed, but I can't imagine why anyone would even be like that to begin with to be honest. Thinkers are rare, even when they're technically smart enough to get to the truth they don't; I suppose there are more people who own fast cars than can actually drive them well, and the same for fast brains.

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      Yeah the Karma system combined with outrage censorious culture really just makes the platform rather boring.

      I've been on a few more specific subreddits where someone asks a fairly obscure questions about specific applications of tax policy or what have you, and you get a lot of top upvoted comments like "nobody knows" or some popular misconception about the thing getting passed as truth.

      Then usually at the bottom there's a downvoted string of comments with sources to the government website in the comment that proves they are right. And a bunch of people whining about how that's not true, and a bunch of people confirming hey yeah actually it's true.

      My opinion is that Reddit is filled mostly with bored children pretending to be adults. The lack of reading comprehension ability is indicative of this. Dumbass kids that don't know what they are talking about won't be taken seriously irl so they go online and whine about how smart they are and get off going on anyone who pulls them down a bit with annoying shit like sources or independent research.

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      At this point, they'll ban you for anything short of, "I pledge to unrelentingly suck the lady dick, amen."

      Also, it's only a 1984 world if you let it be by giving your energy to their apparatus. Don't use Reddit and you're not governed by it. Welcome to Saidit.

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      I got permabanned and permabanned again within 24 hours. For simply saying that we used to put people who said they were Napoleon or Jesus in mental institutions.

      The alphabet people are literally the fascist oppressors of today. They censor free speech. They ruin the lives of people who make one joke they don't like. All from the convenience of their own home.

      We're in the behavior sink and humanity is going extinct.

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      Welcome to the barge of the dammed!

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      The Reddit admins have a hard-on for them, I swear. They cater to "trans" people above all else, it's like their mission.

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      Clear all your cookies and history then create another ID and keep it in reserve.

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      Hell I get banned 4-5 times a week, I post things like this and reddit admins piss there panties.

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      Yeah reddit doesn't have free speech who would've thought?