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I don't really mind, nothing matters we will all die anyways As someone who has experience with people of different religions, i have realized we're all just the same really, strip off our clothes and we'll all be the same doomed chunks of meat

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The role of religion is now being filled by the state and the media.

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Not all religions are man-made. Why don’t you search with an open mind what evidence is out there that a religion might be true? Many people just assume that there is no such evidence because if there were the mainstream media would report it. Or they change their criteria from “evidence” to “proof” when evidence is given. When a proof is given the don’t understand it because they have never studied metaphysics or logic.

I used to be an atheist. But I am not going to be able to convince you because I had a religious experience. That opened my mind enough to be skeptical of materialism. When I no longer assumed it was true I found lots of evidence.

You will see that in many countries proselytism is frowned upon or even outlawed. This is because the power structures of those countries are in bed with the dominant religion, which they use to control society. They assume that every religion is as fake as the ones they profess, and sell their position as anti colonialism or whatever. Most people are offended by the idea that only at most one religion can be objectively true.