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    Harming a specific private individual via Saidit is against Cloudflare's terms of use, #7.

    Agreed. That's why OP discouraged people from contacting anyone about the person who wrote this interesting statement.

    “I’ve tasted the barrel of a loaded Winchester Ranger 20-gauge, silky with Hoppe’s No. 9. I fantasize about committing a crime so I can spend a year in a women’s prison. But only a year,” the poem says.

    A modern Shakespeare.

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    I fantasize about committing a crime so I can spend a year in a women’s prison. But only a year

    I can't believe *he's a better villain than most of the shit I see on movies

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    I can't believe she's a better villain than most of the shit I see on movies

    There's a precise throttle on his villainous intentions.
    He only wants so serve time for one year.

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    Contacting =/= harming anyway. That Cuckflare policy is about real violence.

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    The policy is about punishing those who oppose the NWO agenda.

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    Lol, fag. I can't believe you would protect a person like that. Read his 'poetry', it's disturbing

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    1 - the calls already happened

    2 - he is speaking in the interest of the website not the person

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    He's speaking to protect his fagbuddy agenda the website is gonna be fine when people are discouraging others from contacting people


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      Saiddit is not a publisher so the case would be dismissed.

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        Sue. It'll be thrown out.

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        You're not 12, right?

        It's old but it checks out. Narcing on the forum you frequent to protect a deviant with access to children is a total fag move.

        You also don't know much about this person

        Read the poem and tell me you want this guy around kids.

        who would have the right to sue 'alpha news' (what a fucking joke) and Saidit for defamation.

        You can sue anyone you want, he doesn't have a case as this very clearly falls under a matter of public importance.

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          It's not a witch hunt, this person publicly posts disturbing things and they're around children. .... are you defending them because you emphasize with this person?

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            It's important not to misgender people. He's not a woman.

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            THE HUNGER
            A JOURNAL
            THE HUNGER PRESS
            I forgot to feed my daughter’s hermit crab when she was away at horse camp—that’s why it died and her room smelled vaguely of bacterial vaginosis.

            I parked too close and opened my door into your brand-new Kia Sorento.

            I struggle with touch—receiving and giving; I avoid my friends to watch television in my sweatpants; I dislike dogs, even puppies.

            I learned to brandish words by dodging my father’s. I’m a pillow princess, a caustic bitch, a flinty cunt.

            I once lied to a coach about being friends with a classmate who died in a midnight car accident so I could get out of morning swim practice.

            I set my baby on the scorching trunk of a car and burned the backs of her legs. I covered her shrill screams with the trembling fingers of my left hand.

            I’ve claimed a deduction even after losing the Goodwill receipt; I steal soup spoons from Perkins; sometimes if I cry during a movie I’ll press Pause so I can go study myself in the mirror.

            I’ve been divorced since 2008, but still wear my wedding ring to bed.

            After my transition—because I had to know for sure—I met a man at the Grand Casino in Mille Lacs and gave him head; his name was Scott and he wore black socks.

            While she was away at graduate school, I accidentally ran over Susan’s cat. It wasn’t dead, so I put a tea towel over its head and twisted its neck. A butterfly landed at the crook of my elbow and drank my sweat.

            In 1979, I stole a Susan B. Anthony dollar from my older brother’s Boy Scout leader. That same summer my younger brother and I used baling wire to hang a leopard frog from a fence post, and took turns plinking it with our BB gun.

            I held up the hood while a friend removed the dipstick and squeezed valve-grinding compound into our roommate’s car engine. We let the phone ring when he called in a panic, halfway between Bemidji and Two Harbors.

            I’ve given both of my daughters wine, and showed them how to grind marijuana. I’ve written one letter to Gary Ridgeway, The Green River Killer. He hasn’t written back.

            I’ve spent an evening collared and caged in a Cottage Grove basement, and have been issued pet names—“grace,” “kitten,” and “slut”—by three exquisite Mistresses.

            I used the tiny pencil with no eraser to draw a penis and testicles on a page I’d torn from the back of a United Methodist Church hymnal. I passed this sacrilege to my brother, and he placed it in the collection basket. Our stifled giggles became hiccups.

            I screen all calls. I malinger. My breasts and labia are pierced. Since my gender confirmation surgery, I’ve only been able to cum while masturbating.

            I’ve tasted the barrel of a loaded Winchester Ranger 20-gauge, silky with Hoppe’s No. 9. I fantasize about committing a crime so I can spend a year in a women’s prison. But only a year.

            I went down on a 24-year-old artificial lure carver at Minneapolis Pride in 2012. Her body writhed in the blue quiet of June moon shadow.

            I’m petrified of early-onset dementia—terrified I’ll only remember my life as a man, and demand my CNA call me “Greg.”

            And I’m afraid my daughters won’t invite me to their weddings, but will write about me in their own poetry.

            Of course there’s more, but some things are better left unsaid.

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              It's highly disturbing.

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                What is disturbing on here? Saidit is one of the last bastions of sanity online.

                It's dumb to bother with this BS

                I disagree. We shouldn't let creeps around children.

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                Well here's a cookie for your efforts little Johnny. 🍪

                Or are you a little gold star kind of child? Here you go ⭐️

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                yeah I don't like how this seems like a targetting campaign even though he didn't say that, it's the context. It's best to focus on the big picture not on some individual.

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                This is the same bullshit as saying "anecdotes aren't evidence" but "we collected a bunch of anecdotes carefully and it's evidence look here's a paper about it"

                Individuals make up the big picture.

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                anecdotes are evidence you can point it out I just don't like the contect here

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                muh cloudflare

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                Do you think there would be a way to make this post without breaking that rule? Maybe if he didn't mention the name?

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                  Maybe because he doesn't want someone that wants to inject puberty blockers into children near children?

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                    Legislation is literally

                    not figuratively


                    the codification of morality

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                    But to what extent? To prevent violence or to enforce personal beliefs and even preferences?

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                    To every extent. If people didn't find something "wrong" they wouldn't legislate it into illegality.

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                    But why should they be doing that?

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                    when that person does something wrong, that's when to react

                    Wrong. If a person has signs that he might do something wrong, we act. We don't have to punish him but things such as surveillance is fine enough. After all we shouldn't imprison someone who has done nothing wrong.

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                      Did I say harass or bully?

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                        Nazi's did that for neighbors who seemed odd, sending some of them to concentration camps because neighbors claimed they were mentally challenged.

                        If a woman accuses someone of rape we can't have surveillance on him because nazis did surveillance! Are you insane? What bullshit logic

                        In any event there wouldn't be a reason to spy on the foolish teacher.

                        "In any event" so absolutely nothing that the teacher did would justify spying on him? Are you willing to go that far to not have someone transgender being affected? Jesus get a damn grip

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                        Wow so maybei if I were harming someone


                        follow me for a second here

                        if I were advocating for harm

                        that would be problematic

                        but you're too neurodivergent to see me tell people it would be bad to do the same thing you don't want them to do so :shrug:

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                          Mhm we don't know from someone's social media posts what they actually posted on social media. Logic.

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                            wait is this actually you IRL or why are you whiteknighting for this guy

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                              my post says to not contact the school though

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                                He/she posted (published) this online to Facebook. He/she was not doxxed. The linked article is merely reporting on what he/she has said publicly with no interjection of opinion or speculation.

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                                so sharing a news story is defamatory? tell me ur not a lawyer but use different words

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                                “I’ve tasted the barrel of a loaded Winchester Ranger 20-gauge, silky with Hoppe’s No. 9. I fantasize about committing a crime so I can spend a year in a women’s prison. But only a year,” the poem says.

                                I suspect this type of writing with could qualify an individual for a comprehensive mental evaluation.

                                Odd, that it's being ignored by the state.

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                                Imagine how hard a school would come down on a student who wrote stuff like that. Shouldn't they be equally concerned about people they hire to teach?

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                                DEFINITELY shouldn't call and ask them every hour of the day, that would be bad.

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