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So we can trust these people.

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Obvious Anti-US misleading propaganda by Kim Dotcom, at the expense of war crimes against thousands of kids. The case against Ahmad is unrelated to Karim. Ahmed served almost a year in jail, and should have served his full sentence, IMO, but the legal system did review his case and his appeal and gave him the penalties and release from prison that others get for touching a 15-year-old (more or less - 1 or 2 years in jail for groping). Those who want to support the kidnapping of thousands of children should themselves suffer a horrific fate.

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Were kids really kidnapped?

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Russia started transferring children from Ukrainian territories as early as 2014, the first year of the Russo-Ukrainian War.

What a fucking joke. This is a nothing burger act of desperation by the jews of NATO and ICC.

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It doesn't say anywhere that the ICC prosecutor "helped"

Even Kim just says "had his brother released" which is totally ambiguous as to the ICC guy's involvement

Hey op u/eternalsunset

It doesn't really come off that you're just this guy, who cares strongly about protecting kids from pedos like the guy who got released....

...when you're doing it to shill for a child abducter war criminal Putin

Hey maybe if you really cared about holding child abusers accountable for their crimes, then you wouldn't be shilling for war criminal Putin

It just comes off as so fake and cheesy. Oh you really care so much about the children of Yorkshire? But not of occupied Europe? Pull the other one, it's got bells on

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I care about both of them, that's why I support Russia's decision to move the kids out of their war-afflicted territories and into safer areas. Also, I doubt your handlers in Washington would approve of you shilling in favor of the ICC, given how they don't recognize it and signed the Hague Invasion Act to make sure they would never let the dutch trial americans for war crimes or crimes against humanity. Get your propaganda straight.

Also; replying twice to the same post isn't going to trick anyone, specially when you still can't bother timing your alt-accounts apart.

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First of all, you have proven me exactly right when I predicted

you don't want to VC because it will prove we're all separate people and then you won't get to use this fake complaint again. You're just trying to preserve your ability to complain, later, that we're all the same person

Amazing how I was exactly 100% correct with the prediction I made about you here

So thanks for that, nice Wednesday morning validation, thank you.


Russia's decision to move the kids out of their war-afflicted territories and into safer areas.

You are shilling for the abduction and filtration of tens of thousands of children, a war crime, a crime against children, by a paedophile.

You are shilling for a pedo abducting children.

If I were you, I would delete the OP post, because you got caught pretending to care about children while shilling for a pedo child abductor .

Thirdly, the word "helped" was added by you and doesn't appear in the source articles. That makes you a pedo shill. There's no reporting that he helped or assisted in any way, that's something which you imagined, because you're making high effort to shill for a pedo war criminal child abductor

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Imagine trying convince people of that made up bullshit while shilling for the side of Joe Biden and the Clinton family. You should go get sniffed by the old man in lolita island since you love him so much lol

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Except I haven't mentioned those people here, have I.

It's pretty clear you're struggling to justify your horrible actions, by how much you're having to stretch these imaginary scenarios.

This post is you shilling for a pedo child abductor. I didn't mention those people or even elude to them, so you're having to invent new scenarios just to equivocate your own horrible decision-making.

Also you forgot to mention how right I was in my earlier prediction. Or why you decided to editorialise the word "helped" into the post title. Why did you do that, by the way?

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No, you just did it with the dozens of alt-account-propped-up posts you made a couple of months ago with a bunch of democratic party propaganda and pro-nato stuff. Also, I can't defend my position? LOL! I have called it out the moment the news broke out and I have repeated it here. There is no crime, Russia is protecting children inside the territory they have conquered by moving them to safer locations. What the ICC is accusing Russia of is not leaving children exposed to artillery barrages.

Don't research 'operation babylift', it might cause your NPC transistors to go hayware with the cognitive dissonance.

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Oh look, your denial of video chat functioned to preserve your ability to make the fake claim that everyone who disagrees with you is the same person. Exactly as I correctly predicted. I guess you're just an open book.

There is no crime, Russia is protecting children

Wow I guess everyone, including the makers of the video which you selected and posted here, are mistaken then. Because everyone seemed to agree that Putin was charged with criminal abduction but apparently you know better.

operation babylift

But you shill for, and love, child abductors. So don't pretend you have any moral stance here. You love it when children get abducted: as proof, you're here shilling for the abductor

You forgot to answer why you unilaterally editorialised the title? Why did you do that?

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Why are you supporting Russian war crimes with these insane arguments? You're really reaching for every possible explanation you can think of. Just look at the facts: (and if you don't like Wikipedia, read the sources they link to, or find your own sources.) Russians have committed numerous war crimes, and this abduction of "16,000 – 307,000" kids is one of the worst. You can't defend it with any of your explanations. Imagine of one of the kids was your own. Inexcusable....

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You can not say "look at the facts" and then post a link to a site like Wikipedia that can be edited by anyone. But then again you niggers aren't known for your intelligence.

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Oh stop whinning. The facts are obviously at Wikipedia and elsewhere. Discuss facts or STFU.

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Chill, my nigga