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Glass with a plastic straw and spray head lol stick it to em OP!

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Believe me, I looked for an option with no plastic involved. It just doesn't exist as far as I know. This has a smaller contact area, should leech out less nasty stuff.

Also my plastic spray bottle broke. I feel this was a superior replacement.

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Wonder if you could find the right size of tubing or modify the spray head part to fit these:

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Go to Lowes and get a Zep sprayer. It's plastic but it is the best you can buy.

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Haven't found anything suitable with absolutely no plastic unfortunately. I have been gradually replacing everything plastic in my kitchen for a bit now. Unfortunately a lot of things have a similar issue, even glass options use so plastic also. I was thinking of just making something like a water filtering pitcher myself with some activated charcoal, diatomaceous earth and such in a glass column. Not entirely sure on the details but it seems workable to me.

This did not get nearly enough attention:

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I think you can get ceramic bottles, but I've never seen a spray mechanism that doesn't use plastic.

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Rubbing alcohol is literally poison. If you feel you must use alcohol, use a high quality consumable one without sugars such as Everclear.

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I could switch to denatured ethanol, that might be slightly less toxic overall, but it's cost ineffective to use drinking alcohol for cleaning and I'm not sure how valid concern is over exposure to small amounts of it. It is safe enough to be commonly used in antiseptics, disinfectants, hand sanitizer and detergents.

I don't even think it matters for kitchen chemistry if one was so inclined. Gasoline is used as the solvent for cocaine, carburator starter for meth. These are not lab grade solvents, but out of sight out of mind it's apparently no problem.

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Are you noticing the disconnect in your level of concerns? You seem to think that industrial solvents are fine for kitchen use, and that small plastic bottles are bad. You have a very fine house to concern yourself over the price of a bottle of Everclear. Though it makes a better muscle rub, then to simply spend time walking about needlessly spraying it away.

My take is simple:

  1. High quality food oils should be purchased and stored in glass bottles.

  2. Use baking soda and sea salt to clean everything, and act as an insect deterrent.

  3. A light rubbing of food oils on metal to restore luster. Both are anti-bacterial.

That is all.

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You have a very fine house to concern yourself over the price of a bottle of Everclear.

That's my parents's house, I live in a shitty apartment. The cost of everclear is very much an issue.
Although I am considering doing it anyways, mainly because everclear doesn't come in plastic bottles. I'll dope it with salt so I don't drink it. That's going to hurt my soul a little bit to make perfectly good booze undrinkable-ish.

You seem to think that industrial solvents are fine for kitchen use, and that small plastic bottles are bad

I believe isopropyl alcohol to be relatively safe. I don't think baking soda and sea salt is really going to do what I want. Other options I like are vinegar, or rosemary extract, but you have odors and potential flavor transfer. Star-san is an option but that's just some other acid I believe. Or if you're going to wash it anyways, just good old soap and water. Yet another option is boiling water. Mainly I'm trying here to avoid using ammonia and bleach based cleansers around food areas.

And yes, I am starting to think small plastic bottles are really, really bad for people.

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That’s smart. Plastics should be illegal for food and drinks.

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I agree. How did they not realize chemicals were leeching out? It seems rather obvious in retrospect.

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the did realize that. it’s a huge part of why they did it.

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I dunno. Plastic is still legal. Everything should be in glass. And we should be recycling glass… they should be cleaned and then reused.

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Slow and steady. That's how they cook us. Purple hair, mental illness, effeminate men, bipolar women, multiplying allergies, autism off the charts. It didn't happen over night but it happened. And the normies believe every retarded excuse they hear on tv, but can't connect two dots themselves.

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What do you use that for?

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Mostly I use the alcohol spray for disinfecting surfaces and killing small pests in my garden, and any that get inside since the patio is often open for the cats. It's also handy for spraying on sore muscles.

I have a water spray bottle I need to replace too, think I'll get clear glass for that. That's handy mainly for punishing Gizmo, but also misting plants and tobacco.

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I thought that somehow it was for cooking. I thought, "How does he not catch himself on fire?"

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Oh yeah, it also makes a neat little fireball with a lighter 😂

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oil is plastic, oil comes from plants

the earth is flat, dinosaurs are a lie

all to make you think it is a finite resource