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I have no idea what you're trying to say here. The eastern religions would agree with you that endless cycle of reincarnation is suffering. But that presumes that you only reincarnate on this planet, when there are billions of others in the known universe. Not all solar systems have the same principles, and not all planets are as hard as this one.

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    I'll pass, thanks.

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    Regardless of how good your incarnation is, it's still a mind prison. Something has seized your mind somehow and is forcing dreams upon you and prohibiting yours. If your jail cell is like a palace, you're still trapped. If you live like a king on some other planet, everything you do and experience is still controlled by them. You can embrace it only if you've forgotten that this is wrong. I haven't been able to remember, but I have figured it out once again. The very fact that they would capture you like this, no matter how well they treat you, is already great evil. Don't succumb to the brainwashing; that is indeed hard, because the whole world is set up to propagate it.