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Ever seen a Turkish Prison?

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Yes. Two in fact. And NO, before they checked out there were not full of energy. They'd been running down for years. Towards the end it accelerated noticeably and then they were gone.

This was before the <wink wink> pandemic though so who knows how it might have played out if they'd lived long enough to get the vaxx. I am forever grateful that they did not live to see the insanity and uncertainty that CoViD plunged us into.

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yeah i’m with you on all of that. my mom passed a few years before the covid scam. i couldn’t be more greatful. i miss her everyday but she’s a part of me and i wouldn’t want her to have been subjected to any of this.

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I am so happy that people seem to be waking up to the fact that covid was a hoax.

Covid is a political weapon that is designed to genocide 90% of the world population.

Do. Not. Take. The. Vax.

An exwife of mine, was perfectly healthy, in her mid fifties, the vax immediately within days destroyed her health. She has diabetes with very restricted diet. She has neuropathy and almost can't walk. She is almost blind.

That sweet girl loved me like you wouldn't believe. If I ask her to eat the dirt that I walk on, she would have.