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There’s a lot of people who know the health of the economy is tied to perception. If people start all thinking the economy is bad we all start making financial decisions that show that feeling, and the economy does get really really bad.

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That's a very good point especially when it comes to public messaging. But that doesn't really explain individual responses. .

I think frankly there's an "anti-negativity" culture of sorts, where saying anything bad about anything is kinda viewed as anti-social by some, unless it's something that is agreed upon by everyone as ok to hate on, like Goldstein in the five minutes hate essentially.

That's where you get the super "Why don't you just shut up and enjoy the movie" responses to stuff like not enjoying the latest installment in tired overdone Hollywood franchise going straight into unbridled sheer hatred of someone like JK Rowling because of some twitter bull shit.

When it comes to the economy, a lot of people are just going to get upset by bad news and they'll attack the messenger. Why they are this way I don't know. There's certainly an opposite problem I've seen, where negativity bias causes people to become enthusiastically married to the idea of total economic collapse and they'll also attack the messenger who points out how that is unrealistic.

I think it's mostly a bunch of idiots with extreme views on the margins screaming bloody murder at everything and preventing more nuanced discussions from happening. You mention the economy is shit and getting worse and you'll find all the gold grifters and Weimar republic LARPers coming out of the woodwork. And god forbid you try to actually tell a gold hoarder that the government can just confiscate their gold if they want or you'll get the nth degree.

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don’t be cynical

Shut up and enjoy the movie.

Really great point, and I think ur right.

“Their driving the economy and our country into the ground”.

Shut up, eat your hamburger, and enjoy our demise or the sun down in peace and quiet.

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One can be an insufferable asshole about it if one goes on about it too much but I won't really participate in what I consider to be "fake positivity emotional wank sessions"

People seem to gravitate towards total doom and gloom or rainbows and sunshines. And get quite upset when others don't go along for the ride. You see that very often with issues like climate change where the discourse is split between "it's all a hoax lies! Everything is perfectly fine" and the "Oceans are boiling sky is falling human extinction imminent Earth be the new Venus!" Types.

In reality even the most dire climate change predictions don't predict imminent human extinction and most of the stuff you see in the news is basically social engineering. But, the people that realize they are being manipulated go the other way and flat out reject all of it which is also a stupid approach.

I think it's quite funny though how we could have essentially cut a lot of the carbon by simply going with nukes back in the day, but the same hippie types protesting those are the doom and gloom plastic straws will destroy the earth dumbasses we get today.

Oh you banned plastic straws and disposable plastic, I mean great, now we'll just have to make them out of paper and cut down more trees. Hooray. Also what does that do for carbon emissions? Fuck all?

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Yes. I really like the take:

fake positivity emotional wank sessions.


don’t go along for the ride.

You make great points.

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EXACTLY! I didn't think that about paper straws though but good point! Some places are giving you plastic straws again quietly.

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Shup up and eat the cow they killed that never see's sunlight in the corporate farm. Actually it's the chickens that don't see sunlight at least I think it's only chickens.

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Sums it up.

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the economy is tied to perception

We have approx $30,000,000,000,000.00 of outstanding debt, for which timely interest payments must be made, which makes the debt get larger without even spending more

Yup, my perception says we are in bad economy.

China, on the other hand, owns the majority of our manufacturing. Source: walmart

And, I understand that china is buying our real estate and farmland.

Welcome to the new United States of China.

Video: Arcadia - Chinese Beverly hills

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The biggest money for people controlling the vehicles for communication is advertising. They make their living selling us [X,Y,Z] products / services. If they allow people to know there is serious economic pain, consumers of their products / services retreat and their products / services go unsold. They thus have zero motivation to tell people the truth about economic collapse. The only reason this was somewhat less active under Trump was that they were still able to sell people on "By getting rid of Trump, the economy will get moving again," and thus anticipate further sales in the future. Now that Trump is out, there is once again zero motivation for them to downplay the economy.

All of this is alongside the obvious that the very people promoting the economy are the ones responsible for its performance, thus they don't want to admit responsibility for their role as managers in engineering (partly intentionally, partly unintentionally) the truly historic global collapse that has begun and is accelerating.

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You answered your own question. Trump was in charge so Uniparty dirtbags had to yell about how the financial sky was falling. Now that the Uniparty has their brain-dead puppet in the White House talking about the economy is a conspiracy, white supremacy, and you're literally killing wom- disregard, we don't care about them anymore, you're literally killing trans people you bigot!.

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fuck trans people and celebrate the clubq Shooting

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I wonder if that's why I get hollered at by the mods for 'concerned trolling' whatever the hell that is. The word 'troll' technically means someone who lives under a bridge and eats little kids and in the modern days someone who fishes for information to spam multiple people at once. It technically was a very serious offense.

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In what way is it broken?

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we have existing debt of $30 TRILLION dollars, the interest payments alone are more than we can pay.

soon, the debt will cost every citizen $one million dollars per year to only pay the interest

that defines broken

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Doesn't even understand that the US is a self-fundig corporation and cannot be indebted to itself. Really, it is indebted to Jewish bankers, and that can all but be erased by instating the treasury issue US currency without interest AFTER usurious Jews are barred from holding office, which would include every Jew, because every Jew holding public office is a Zionist and Zionism is treason under the title of nobility clause in the Constitution.

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Red Scare

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There's nothing broken about it. The US is self funding corporation, we just have to give 6000 in interest to mostly Jewish bankers every year because we are goyim. In reality, we can end the FED and instate English Law or distributist economy that bars Talmudic Lien and Zionist looting.

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    The gamers keep toting how each year is going to 'steal their wallet' until it actually happens that games get delayed or come out broken,etc.

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    Because you're telling useful idiots something they don't understand. They willfully participate in their literal demise, yet you'd like them to understand what's going on around them? It doesn't work like that.

    The hardest decision these people make is whether to buy an android or an iPhone.

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    The hardest decision these people make is whether to buy an android or an iPhone.


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    That's all I ever see on those forums is those kinds of decisions. 'Should I buy X or Y?' or 'What's your favorite actor/actoress' all 'safe' feel good topics or doom and gloom about the Republicans in some areas though they don't necessarily say Republicans anymore they just seem to hint it. They have found out how to be VERY sly now. They make very good Slytherins.

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    You never know who's a business owner. And if you tell them the economy is in decline, its like telling them their lives are over

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    get better fora to frequent

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    Alex Jones said "it's coming this month" every month since 2010.

    Economics are unpredictable. When it crashes, it will come from a corner of the economy that no one was looking at.

    Politicians are still making claims of a "recession by definition". Its no different than the "trump era".

    The economy looks good to me.

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    If you like high gas prices and boarded up cities then 'Have it your way!' as Burger King would say.

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    It actually HAS been coming every month we just keep kicking the can down the road by doing shitty things with it that prolong it. Technically the crash should've came in 2004 with the housing bubble but we kept artificially extending things. One bit problem is the use of AI which now handles a lot of investments meaning all companies across the board are artificially raised to some degree because of AI being used to take stocks out of one thing and put it in another it 'deems' is a safe bet. The DOW Jones really is a useless indicator now for true investment and most serious investors know this.

    It's okay for the casual person or idiot like you or perhaps I that don't do any investing or future trading as a general barometer but for actual deep trends it's a total ass joke.

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    Lol sounds like some shit in a TikTok or in Hollywood. I cant see AI making big win decisions.

    People were getting double food stamps the last half of 2021 and $250-$1000 extra a month at the same time the media was fear mongering food shortages...but everyone was like "BUY GME and AMC" stores were the big winners.

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    Liberal Democrats will call you a racist for questioning why the economy is bad, and they will tell you it never has been so good. Vote Republican in 2024.

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    Vote EA Games to run everything in 2024? SURE! Voting Republican is essentially the same thing. Let's all have EA Games run the economy shit show!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

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    modern economy is a faith based system and to decry its future is to rob people of their money