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The newspapers last year covered people getting shots ON XMAS DAY, calling them "jingle jabs". I shit you not.

But yes saying get jabbed is a death threat now lol.

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That's weird, why? I though they wanted everyone to go and load themselves up with 10,000 doses for their own and public safety?

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It's reverse psychology now most likely. They don't want negative connotations with the vax.

If you constantly bombard normies with "it's vax o'clock" or whatever even retards like the adl will have to jump in and say it's hate speech to tell someone to take the shot lmao.

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Hmm, when I encounter a branch covidian on twitter, I have been telling them to get boosted too. So far, no ban. But it would be really weird to be banned when they are arguing for the vax and you tell them to get vaxxed. Always has been in this context but I may have to be careful since Twitter is still not trustworthy.

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I do admire your approach, clever.

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Hahaha 😂

Props for giving them a dose of cognitive dissonance with their bans. I like your style

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I got banned from IllinoisCovid for suggesting people should wear a mask, and I wasn't being a dick. The mods had determined support for masks to be anti-Vax at that time, despite me being vaccinated and a vocal supporter of getting the time, before I became disabled from it.

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What the $#@!. That's insane. Wow... So... you can't say anything! I guess?

Can't tell people to wear a mask, can't tell them not to, can't suggest that the vaccines are dangerous, can't suggest they're harmless, can't tell anyone to go out and get them, and can't tell anyone to get their 111th booster shot, either. So... yeah... I guess we all just shut up now and let the government speak and never have an opinion again? I guess?

I'm sorry about your disability. You're the third, possibly fourth person I've met who's had some weird issues with these shots. It all seems to be cardiovascular or neurological. It's weird.

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I think it's luck of the draw depending on which tranny jannie sees the report from the 'i feel threatened' snowflake. The 'rules' don't mean shit.

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Its hilarious, because like canadian and uk policies, telling someone to kill themselves is both an attack on them and a recommendation by "the science"

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Fucking Canada is out of control. Here in the US if you tell them you wanna neck yourself they put you in crazy jail -- Apparently now in Canada they say "Oh lets help you with that" -- And now you can kill yourself there, with their assistance (MAID program) even if your only problem is feeling depressed or sad. Fucking crazy place. And remember kids, Canada is not a game, if you die in Canada you die in real life.

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I have mixed feelings about this. In some ways I think it is survival of the fittest and who is the government to stand in the way? Strong government policies keeping people alive that otherwise shouldn't be (like in the US there are so many safety rules the dumb don't kill themselves as much because businesses must keep things safe for very low IQ morons) have weakened the species. Same if you have poor mental health, maybe it is better you don't reproduce and just get out of the way. The religion in me though, each life has worth, and with assistance that troubled person can probably be saved and contribute to society in some way.

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You are a genius.

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Send a modmail and ask why.

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I did. My account is now permabanned. LOL. I've created 2 more and I'm going to see which one I can get banned first. Not giving a shit is so freeing and I can taste all their salty tears.

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tell them that you went transgender and made a video of yourself and then show them this..

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Maybe try "Treat your depression in Canada" instead of KYS. Same thing.

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Fucking brilliant. I will defiantly use that. Top kek.

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I'm guessing that there is much more to this story.

Welcome to Saidit.

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Why do you care if anyone gets vaccinated? Just curious.

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I just think the clot shot has a chance of killing people. If they are annoying, I encourage them to vaccinate and booster themselves. I've also included how it's 100% safe and effective and totally doesn't cause clots. The responses are fun.

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Gotcha. I just never saw any concern over vaccinations until COVID. The flu kills a bunch of people too, but no one ever freaked if I didn't get the flu shot.

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When the CVS pharmacy asked me if I'm vaccinated I told them I identify as trans-vaccinated and thanked them for their concern.

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If only there were a shot for it.