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Yes you are absolutely right. I think people become trapped in duality

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I support capitalism. It's unfettered, unregulated, zero tax paying richest family in America crony capitalism is when it becomes a bad idea. When your freedom of choice becomes freedom from choice.

The US has played the greatest trick in the world on its people by normalizing things slowly, taking 200 years to unveil itself when everyone else tried to do it overnight.

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What you think of as capitalism is actually much closer to communism than actual capitalism.

In actual capitalism the government doesn't interfere in the market. What we have now is many layers of regulation on every single aspect of business. All those corporations you complain about having too much power, were given that power through regulations.

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When you do not have the bare necessities of nutrition, water, clothing and shelter that gives corporations all the power to exploit you. Let’s see how many people would willingly work for them if they didn’t need to to survive.

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the problem is that USA was unregulated at first and this didn't worked, so regulations were introduced and now went too far. Imo capitalism is still shit because it's very unfair system and socialism is more effective.

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"What puzzles me is how each supporter cannot see the issue with their own side." well I'm communist and see the potential issue. Also communism has many forms, collective property can be managed in many ways, not only by government. cybercommunism can help a lot here, computers aren't prone to many problems of human nature. However at the moment socialism is adequate solution, we are not ready for nationwide communism yet and forcing it is bad idea. So, stick with socialism at the moment and communism only in communes.