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I read a mainstream history book about Rosicrucianism, and even there I encountered spook elements attributed to the Jesuits. Rosicrucianism may have been set up as the Protestant antithesis of the Jesuit order, to counterbalance their power. This is what Rosicrucians themselves suggest. They presented themselves as the true Jesuits, that is, followers of Jesus, and labeled the Jesuit order antichrists.

The Jesuits, interestingly enough, tried to do the exact same thing after Hapsburg dominated in Europe (after 1620): they appropriated Rosicrucian symbolism and suggested that the Rosicrucian and Jesuit order were one and the same, effectively presenting themselves as the true Rosicrucians. The reason why they did this is because they knew their audience had an affinity with Rosicrucianism, so if they presented their own ideas as if they were Rosicrucian, they would weaken a resistance to them. They did this as part of their counter-reformation effort, to re-catholicize Europe. But regardless, it does show they partook in sophisticated, covert action.

The book I'm talking about is The Rosicrucian Enlightenment by Frances Yates. It isn't primarily about this subject, but throughout the book, she suggest there was a rivalry between the two orders going on in the background. Now here comes the explosive part. She suggests this morphed into a rivalry between the Jesuit order and Freemasonry:

At any rate, however understood or interpreted, that confrontation between Rosicrucian and Jesuit which we sense in the Rosicrucian movement was a sign of new times, a sign that Europe was moving out of the old world and its classifications into ages in which surviving influences from that world will take new forms. We can already begin to see in that confrontation the emergence of those Masonic versus Jesuit attitudes which were to form one of the most basic, and most secret, of the European patterns right up to the French Revolution.

She does not go into more depth about that in the book, unfortunately, but this shows that these speculations about Jesuits holding covert power isn't completely made up. Another example: the phrase "Jesuit-trained" initially seemed like bullshit to me, but that is actually how they describe themselves, I did encounter it in primary sources later on.

On a related note: Robert Anton Wilson said that once you reach the 33rd degree of Freemasonry, you're told to forget everything you learnt about the order, and that its real purpose was to combat the Catholic church. This was in an interview on Youtube but it's vanished now.

All that being said, HibikiBlack does act incredibly suspicious. He used to routinely upvote his own content under different accounts and may still be doing that. And when I ask him questions about his content, he can't get into any depth but rather plays evasion tactics. Also: who the hell would repost his content over and over again in his spare time? He does seem to have an agenda. When he was a mod on /s/conspiracy, he abused his power.

So what can we conclude from this? Because of the clear evidence of jewish crimes against humanity throughout history, and because the anti-Jesuit propaganda comes from suspicious users only, I'll hold on to the view that a subset of jews are the enemies of humanity. (To be specific: these are the Illuminati, not all jews.) However, it's important to understand that they don't completely pull this propaganda out of their ass, it's more advanced than this. It appears they're regurgitating arguments that do essentially have some basis in history.