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Obviously the jesuit shit is jewish propaganda, but they do make one good point. The Vatican used to be the globalist elite before jews took over with banking. The church still has a lot of money and power and did nothing to guide or protect people from the plandemic.

But to be fair since pope john paul 2 died it has been nothing but puppet popes.

The church could stand up to the NWO if it wanted to. So why does it not?

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The problem is that there seems to be a lot of anti-Jewish sentiment in anti-establishment, conservative and conspiracy circles. Additionally, Rockefeller helped form anti-Semitic eugenics for the Nazis.

Any time there's over-excessive focus on certain conspiracies/groups (like WEF), it's likely being spread by the CIA/government bots. Which has me wondering if over-excessive anti-Semitism is an op.

It seems more so that the Jesuit/Vatican is one group with power whereas the elite Jewish community is another group who has power.

Skull and Bones/Bushes/Rockefellers/Dulles, etc. is clearly an evil group enacting world changing events and they seem to be associated with Jesuits more than Jews.

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there seems to be a lot of anti-Jewish sentiment

Because they are the group with the most power by far. They are the only wealthy, powerful group you can't publicly call out. And despite that censorship there is evidence of thier crimes galore. Far more than any other group. Logically it is only the tip of the iceBurg.

Naturally they aren't the only group with power, but most of the things destroying our society can be traced back to one jew or another.

The elite are the ones not allowing humane eugenics programs for the goy. They are the ones who brainwashed everyone into thinking eugenics means genocide, murder, and persecution. They don't want the goy to get smarter. There are many dysgenics programs that can be traced back to jews.

Skull and bones and groups like them are definitely guilty of manipulation and crimes done in the pursuit of enriching themselves, but jews seem to be the only ones who try to destroy others just for the sake of destroying others. Like the holodomore and the katyn massacre.

It seems everywhere jews come to power they use that power for evil. Power corrupts all people, but jews are the ones who use it to destroy even thier own allies.

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Elite Jews with lopsided power is a fairly well-known phenomenon, even if they tend to cancel culture or censor you for anti-Semitic sentiment, it's still well-known.

If the Jews control public speech and are promoting anti-Jesuit propaganda, then why is the "Jesuit scare" at zero among the general public. The general public doesn't even know what Jesuit means. If I were a hidden group with power, that's exactly how I'd want it.

The only one on the internet promoting the Jesuit thing seems to be Hibiki, which likely means it's not some mass propaganda op by Jewish elites.

There's also controversy behind the official versions of Holodomore and the Katyn massacre. I'm not an expert on Stalin or the Soviet Union, but I know that whenever there's pushback on geopolitical claims made by the establishment/Ministry of Truth, the tankie/anti-imperialist version of events is usually closer to the truth.

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why is the "Jesuit scare" at zero among the general public.

Jesuit propaganda is targeted at those who are red pilled on jews. So it will be a subset of those people who are effected, and honestly most of them are not going to fall for it.

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This is a bad take. Basically all conspiracy channels that are normie accessable talk about the jesuits, free masons, globalists, satanists, china etc.
But NOT the jews.

The mainstream left wing conspiracies are all about "white supremacy" and "white privilege" but somehow forget to mention that 2% of the population constitute 90% of the top1% in the US. Yes, JEWS.

Every jewish platform tells you to love jews and that jews are not in control, and this is said by jews or zionists lmao. Welcome to Ben Shapiro, PragerU, etc. The gaslighting is real

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Every jewish platform tells you to love jews and that jews are not in control, and this is said by jews or zionists lmao. Welcome to Ben Shapiro, PragerU, etc. The gaslighting is real

Isn't Shapiro right-wing. Your take doesn't seem to match with Canbot's take.

I follow a ton of left-wing (socialist/commie), right-wing, and conspiracy channels. Liberal/Democrats are largely mainstream, thus not really having conspiracy circles.

In these channels, there's little mention of free masons, some mention of Satanists, some mention of China ("China bad" is more mainstream), lots of mention of globalists recently, fairly a lot of mention of Jews, and zero mention of Jesuits (outside of Hibiki). If there are other mediums focused on Jesuit conspiracies, it seems to be pretty obscure considering the 150 or so channels/forums I follow don't mention them.

Case in point, meme's on Jews in the media or in positions of power tend to go viral and I see them all the time on the internet:

So..where are all the viral Jesuit meme's?

Lefties who are mad at "whites" are largely from victimized countries of US and NATO imperialism. I mean..the Five Eyes and Euro countries fucking them over and colonizing them were all white nations, so it's not that far-fetched for these ppl to be generally mad at their colonialists. The leftists also don't like Soros and have spread "Jews control the media" type conspiracies. Soros' Open Society Foundation along with the CIA's NED are constantly inserted into society to spread propaganda and topple non-white nations.

Mainstream Dems whining about SJW stuff, racism, white supremacy, feminism, BLM, climate change, abortion, guns, etc. are just methods to polarize the population in voting back and forth between two parties controlled by pedophilia.

Lastly, the "white genocide" narrative is clearly a government psyop. "White genocide" was brought up by Tulsi Gabbard when she quit the Democrat Party. Gabbard is a part of the military psyop unit 351st Civil Affairs Command (351 CACOM), the same unit once headed by psyop guru Major General Paul E. Vallely who wrote the book Mind War with Michael Aquino. Vallely and his unit were also behind QAnon and pedo puppet Trump.

Let's say the white genocide narrative was true, I'd like to see them genocide one white nation like they did to Libya, Laos or the 160+ other non-white regions before getting concerned. Also, why is there such a large concern about a fake white genocide in the far-right, but zero concern for the people that already have been and are still being genocided?

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Liberal/Democrats are largely mainstream, thus not really having conspiracy circles.

and then you go on to list a whole range of conspiracies:

Mainstream Dems whining about SJW stuff, racism, white supremacy, feminism, BLM, climate change, abortion, guns, etc. are just methods to polarize the population in voting back and forth between two parties controlled by pedophilia.

So..where are all the viral Jesuit meme's?

Ever heard of Alex Jones and such spheres? They're all about the jesuits and free masons. Perhaps you aren't in the right wing conspiracy circles

Also, why is there such a large concern about a fake white genocide in the far-right, but zero concern for the people that already have been and are still being genocided?

fake white genocide? I hate you and you're my enemy. I don't engage with antiwhites

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They are non-practicing Jewish people. If they practiced Judaism they wouldn't fuck people over as it is against God's teachings to do so.

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Read the bible. They say they are jews but are not.

Those we call jews today are NOT biblical jews, but they worship Satan, hence the child offerings, abortions, blood transfusions, etc.
They are devils, demons, vampires, leeches, deceivers etc.
This is their nature.

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There are no biblical jews. Those people were called Judeans. Today's jews came from one of the dozen Judean tribes.

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Today's jews came from one of the dozen Judean tribes.

No, they don't. Some of them lived in Judea but were not of Judea

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You cannot make historical interpretations of phrases without taking into account how people spoke. The descriptor of nations was place-based first, exogenetic-second, which is why early historians first brought up nationality, then physical characteristics.

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Read the bible. This is what the bible says.

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Use time accurate descriptors.

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I am

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Just look at all the retarted anti-Semitic nonsense all over the thread and the use of language for it. This is how places like Voat were destroyed. Obvious astroturf is obvious. It doesn't even make sense to accuse me of doing things out of malice when I embrace the fact that there's likely evil Jewish groups out there and most of my content isn't even anti-Jesuit stuff. They are targetting me in particular because they know I'm the most dangerous conspiracist.

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The fact you describe yourself as a "conspiracist" tells everyone everything that needs to be said.

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Steamship Hibiki/HibikiSS/HibikiBlack is a jerkass arrogant nationalist who had a mental breakdown about the destruction of the level of discourse on social media and ended up collecting over a thousand records of factual conspiracies that he uses in weird piledriver moves with ridiculous nicknames. I don’t get how people can even take such a personality seriously, it looks like some character written by a kid desperately trying to be edgy. Maybe his collection of records is just that awesome.

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There’s clearly lots of issues. Catholics don’t get a pass.

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A very jewish perspective.

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Super Jewish. Call me super jew.

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Mega jew, man with hands of fire from hand rubbing friction, baby penis blood dripping mouth.

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It cant ever since Vatican II.

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John Paul II was the first symptom of an onset disease called Vatican II. The faith reprehended all the problems we have today. Liberalism, banking, greed, mental disorders being promoted... if it was a global elite, it did more good than harm.

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Who do the Catholics report to? The Pope. Who does the pope report to? Jesus. Who was Jesus? A Jew.

Jews come from Jewish women. In fact it's the Jewish women's vagina that grants Jewhood on all who pass through it. This is why it's vital we support the transition of Jewish women into men so that we can end the production of new Jews and bring order to the Galaxy. If you only knew the power of the Schwartz and Merchandising.

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A pope is not the head of the Catholic faith as a pastor is to his flock in protestant churches. A pope has too many restrictions on what he can and cannot do, and after Vatican II they tried going through it.

Jesus was from Nazareth. There was not the word "jew" in his time, but Judean. Jesus was a Judean, and today's jews descent from one of the many Judean tribes. Lebanese, Jordan and Iraqi people are also descendants of Judean tribes of old, does that make them jewish?

"Kike on a stick" is a CIA concocted phrase to stray people away from the only solution to this whole mess, which is people living by Catholic doctrines under pre-Vatican II teachings and traditions, such as the Latin Mass.

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The solution is to follow the true Ben Cartwright Nephite Cylon fleeing north American Jews and give up coffee and tea, then you can wear the magic underwear and learn the secret handshake you need to unlock god mode in the afterlife so you get your own planet.

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Judaism is phariseesism which is what Jesus rejected outright as a false religion.

Jesus was not a Jew. "There is neither jew nor greek, for we are all one in Christ"
Modern "jews" are not jews, but say that they are, because they do lie. (rev 2:9, rev 3:9)

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The correct translation is "There is neither Judean nor Greek".

The word "jew" was invented more than a thousand years after the Bible was written and compilated. "Juden" is the closest, and it used to mean "Judean" just as German in the past meant "from Germania", which is a much larger region than Germany, the modern country, and had no defined borders, but rather meant the area from which a people of a certain culture lived.

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I agree

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We are all Jews in Christ. Because if you think about it. Jesus is Jewsus, which is short for Jews us. Since we are all Jews. And the Jews are all us.

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It is the Jews

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For five thousand years. Always was.

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u/asshole is part of them

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I read a mainstream history book about Rosicrucianism, and even there I encountered spook elements attributed to the Jesuits. Rosicrucianism may have been set up as the Protestant antithesis of the Jesuit order, to counterbalance their power. This is what Rosicrucians themselves suggest. They presented themselves as the true Jesuits, that is, followers of Jesus, and labeled the Jesuit order antichrists.

The Jesuits, interestingly enough, tried to do the exact same thing after Hapsburg dominated in Europe (after 1620): they appropriated Rosicrucian symbolism and suggested that the Rosicrucian and Jesuit order were one and the same, effectively presenting themselves as the true Rosicrucians. The reason why they did this is because they knew their audience had an affinity with Rosicrucianism, so if they presented their own ideas as if they were Rosicrucian, they would weaken a resistance to them. They did this as part of their counter-reformation effort, to re-catholicize Europe. But regardless, it does show they partook in sophisticated, covert action.

The book I'm talking about is The Rosicrucian Enlightenment by Frances Yates. It isn't primarily about this subject, but throughout the book, she suggest there was a rivalry between the two orders going on in the background. Now here comes the explosive part. She suggests this morphed into a rivalry between the Jesuit order and Freemasonry:

At any rate, however understood or interpreted, that confrontation between Rosicrucian and Jesuit which we sense in the Rosicrucian movement was a sign of new times, a sign that Europe was moving out of the old world and its classifications into ages in which surviving influences from that world will take new forms. We can already begin to see in that confrontation the emergence of those Masonic versus Jesuit attitudes which were to form one of the most basic, and most secret, of the European patterns right up to the French Revolution.

She does not go into more depth about that in the book, unfortunately, but this shows that these speculations about Jesuits holding covert power isn't completely made up. Another example: the phrase "Jesuit-trained" initially seemed like bullshit to me, but that is actually how they describe themselves, I did encounter it in primary sources later on.

On a related note: Robert Anton Wilson said that once you reach the 33rd degree of Freemasonry, you're told to forget everything you learnt about the order, and that its real purpose was to combat the Catholic church. This was in an interview on Youtube but it's vanished now.

All that being said, HibikiBlack does act incredibly suspicious. He used to routinely upvote his own content under different accounts and may still be doing that. And when I ask him questions about his content, he can't get into any depth but rather plays evasion tactics. Also: who the hell would repost his content over and over again in his spare time? He does seem to have an agenda. When he was a mod on /s/conspiracy, he abused his power.

So what can we conclude from this? Because of the clear evidence of jewish crimes against humanity throughout history, and because the anti-Jesuit propaganda comes from suspicious users only, I'll hold on to the view that a subset of jews are the enemies of humanity. (To be specific: these are the Illuminati, not all jews.) However, it's important to understand that they don't completely pull this propaganda out of their ass, it's more advanced than this. It appears they're regurgitating arguments that do essentially have some basis in history.

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Refreshing to see that everyone saw through that shit

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Whose fault is it if a dog has parasites?

You can blame the dog for existing (which is what's happening), or you can blame the ticks for existing (which is what's happening), but niether solve the fucking problem of ticks drinking the dog dry.

Where is the tick collar? Where is the flea drops? Nobody protects the dog from the ticks, and at some point the dog will die from lack of blood.

These are the questions that need to be asked, because they actually fix the issue.

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There cannot be physical solutions when dogs have ticks and the collar and drops are banned. Until people die and unite for the cause of collars and drops, you cant treat the dog. And the tick lobby is too infiltrated; you need spiritual intervention that supercedes this mortal world.

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Or, all the dogs leave and start a new tick free country, where no ticks are allowed in to cause problems in the first place.

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Rhodesia tried in a much milder state of things, look what happened.

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look what happened

Overrun by jealous baboons.

You would need to go to a place that nobody has settled in, like a floating ocean city, or another planet.

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Nope. It's the juden.

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I don't know what people are all butthurt about. I hardly think the Jews are a group of saints and tend to focus on the Jesuit theories due to their supremacy over the banking system and Intelligence agencies. I also think It's very relevant for people, all the more the white nationalist groups online to be more aware of them due to a lot of whites also having a Protestant background, who were the biggest rivals of the Jesuits and IMO, things went straight to hell after the Protestants were defeated in the masonic revolutions and the Jesuits were allowed to do whatever they wanted since then...

Anyway, obvious user targeting is obvious. I increased the anti-Zionist content way more than before and most of my content isn't even anti-Jesuit/Vatican stuff as well. I just expose them systematically. Which the Intelligence groups obviously don't like.

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Protestants exist because of freemasonry.

Jesuits were infiltrated because of freemasonry.

Freemasonry was completely co-opted by jews aa by the book "Synagogue of Satan" relates when a sheriff of Bohemia found documents related to the bribery of freemason lodges by Mayer Rothschild.

Jesuits brought the Catholic faith to America, and thanks to them, there was no mass slaughter of natives, enslavery nor even bad blood between them with the exception of more savage tribes such as the Xocleng and the Aztecs.

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Not saying the Protestants were perfect but I would rather have them over the freemasonic and Catholic groups that took over after the revolutions. A lot of figures pointed out their influence over freemasonry and one of the most relevant figures behind the revolutions was Napoleon who thought highly of them:

“The Jesuits are a military organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is power – power in its most despotic exercise – absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man.”

  • Napoleon Bonaparte.

You even have the same groups behind the Intelligence groups nowadays:

FBI founder Charles Joseph Bonaparte was given the Laetare Medal in recognition of outstanding service to the Catholic Church. J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI received the Sword of Loyola award. (NYT 1964) The FBI and the Catholic Church, 1935-1962. FBI, CIA, and NSA Heads Convene at Jesuit Fordham University.

Compilation of arguments about the Jesuit control over the CIA.

So not only do you have the Vatican messing around with everything related to the Intelligence groups and the banking system, but the people who tend to blame everything on the Ultra-Zionist conspiracy tend to ignore the anti-Semitism of the Intelligence agencies and the multi-million dollar campaigns to destroy the reputation of the Jews:

Former CIA director says that the anti-Semitism of the group is likely a factor in case of the spy Jonathan Pollard. (Fox News 2015)

The Rothschilds allowed the Vatican to use their own money to spread the anti-Semitic myths despite the protests of their own people, causing them to be mocked by other Jewish groups as traitors.

Does the CIA stereotype Jews as security risks? (Salon 1998)

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia of 1906, the Rothschilds are considered the guardians of the papal treasure.

Leo H. Lehmann mentioned that the Jesuits were behind the creation of the Protocols of the elders of Zion.

Jesuit Pietro Tacchi Venturi played a vital role in Italian fascism and Mussolini's anti-Semitic policies.

"Former" CIA Valerie Plame promoted anti-Semitic sites online shared by fellow CIA Philip Giraldi, including accusations of pushing for war through their “control” of “the politicians” and “the media and entertainment industries.” (NY Post 2017)

So the very same people who are controlling the media and created the whole chaotic, Post-Modern hell are themselves a group of anti-Semites.

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Why do you use as a source the greatest freemason puppet in history?

I dont see antisemites in banks financing revolutions or ending monarchies.

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Why do you ignore facts like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers being used by the Vatican to push for the anti-Semitic myths?

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Because they dominate the entire Church's financial records? Give me a break, they only did so because exactly of infiltration in the church. Antisemitism exists only because jews believe hate towards them pushes their ideals forward by using whites' empathy against themselves, its obvious whenever they dont dominate something or someone its best to finance this rather than the correct approach, which is to demonize the sin, not the person.

The Vatican pre-60's is only antissemitic insofar as it did not want liberalism in human society. After Paul VI's reform it became neutered, and you guessed it, those two you mentioned had puppets ready to dive when it happened.

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Bullshit. The Rothschilds helped spread the anti-Semitic myths, the Vatican paid the loan it had with them and both the Rockefellers and Rothschilds worked together to fund anti-Zionist Jewish groups to persecute Jewish nationalists and take over the Orthodox Church:

Compilation of arguments about the Jesuit control over the Cheka, KGB and FSB.

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Nigger, the Rothschilds were the ones who made both World Wars and created the modern country of Israel, of course some elements will escape out. Same way they also financed Hitler when he was a socialist.

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A lot of secret orders function based on the "Black Lodge vs White Lodge" model: both lodges belong to the organization but they compete against each other, having the same aims and goals but opposite methods.

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"Order through Chaos" is the freemasonry's motiff. Which is why they have both neocons and commies. Trotskists and leninists. Both with different messages but the same goal.

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So they likely have a "Chaos" sub-organization and an "Order" one too...

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Yes. For they dont want to know if something becomes orderly or chaotic, as long as they and (((they))) are in charge.