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I think it can be fine not to smile. But I feel like if you are an attractive young girl, then you absolutely must smile or else it is offensive.

Am I wrong to be pissed off that she didn't smile?

Yes, I'd say it's wrong to have double standards based on attractiveness for people who serve you your food. Either this job requires smiling or it doesn't

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This cunt was friendly to the table next to mine, but not to me, so if her double standard is ok but not mine, then I will just cook my food more often. I already endured enough getting shit on by cheerleader cunts in high school, and refuse to put up with it any longer.

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This cunt was friendly to the table next to mine, but not to me, so if her double standard is ok but not mine

No, I'd say this piece of information changes my opinion, I think I missed this in my first read, it was your other reasoning I don't agree with. But if she was less friendly to you than other customers, thats rude, and a perfectly good reason to tip her less imo. You deserve the same level of service as anyone else

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Maybe she gets hit on a lot serving single guys and doesn't want to encourage it.

Maybe she thought you were attractive and was shy.

Maybe you looked sad or angry and it made her uncomfortable.

I don't think not smiling in and of itself is enough to make someone a "massive cunt." As long as the service was competent and she did her job, yes, you should have tipped and a girl not smiling at you ruining your night is 100% a you issue.

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all of that. plus maybe OP is ugly and creepy looking and smells very bad, we don't know