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I mean I smoke weed. I get it. I think most drug laws are stupid.

But she broke the law in RUSSIA. What the fuck did she expect? I mean that's just stupid. Weed is one of the EASIEST drugs to catch people using because the smell is so strong. If she was a normal person, Biden and any other president would have let her rot in Russian prison.

I don't know if Biden knows this, but we have a whole WAR going on with Russia and the Ukraine, and there are much bigger fish to fry that one dumbass WNBA star.

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My point, precisely.

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Hmm, maybe he could wedge 30 seconds in there and talk about deescalating from nuclear war while he's doing the important work of springing a basketball star from jail.

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talk about deescalating from nuclear war

Do you mean - by helping the dictator carve up Europe? How should he deescalate? Arming Ukraine to win this war is the best guarantor of future peace in my view. But I'd love to hear how you imagine that conversation to go

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The conversation would go like this: Putin: Give me Ukraine. Biden: I filled my diaper.

As for carving up Europe, don't act like land borders are immutable. This is just the same thing that's been happening as long as there have been nations.

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don't act like land borders are immutable

Ok so fuck off to ruzzia then. Sorry, we don't want you in the first world anymore, it just happens, it has always happened. They said you're ruzzian now and nobody wants to fight for you because it just has always happened.

Oh and they're going to rip your fingernails out for speaking English so you'd better reply to me in cyrilic

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You sound like a vaccinated retard

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Oh and they're going to rip your fingernails out for speaking English so you'd better reply to me in cyrilic

🤦‍♂️ Cyrilic isn't a language, its an alphabet

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I'm aware. Ya znayuu. Я знаю.

But his reply had better be in cyrilic, as long as he's happy to consign humans to Mordor just because it's always happened

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The shill was banned previously for being more retarded than u/Hongkongphooey, don't bother with him

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Good point. Thanks.

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That isn't Socks dude, its a different guy, similar politics but site_rly_sux is much dumber than socks

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He was site_sux previously, we bullied him as much as zahn and me bullied u/nemacolin.

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No idea who you are, sorry. You just aren't memorable like raven9 and chipit

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Ewwww, you posted a gross thing!

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How would arming Ukraine help anything?

Arming Ukraine escalates the conflict and makes it more likely that Putin uses nukes. Putin is DEFINITELY the type of person to fire a nuke if he isn't getting his way.

The moment he uses a nuke one of two things happens.

  1. U.S. retaliates in kind and launches a nuke at Russia. Russia will retaliate and send a nuke back at the US. US retaliates by sending all nukes at Russia, Russia retaliates by sending all nukes at US and NATO allies. World ends.

  2. U.S. does not retaliate. Putin/Russia have now successfully called the U.S. bluff and nuclear deterrent is not a thing anymore. Nukes start getting used, and once again you have a likely end of the world. Best outcome is either we let Russia win at this point and take whatever they want from the entire world, or eventually U.S. and Russia are so destroyed that all nuclear weapons are banned, but we've now still irradiated a significant part of the planet.

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How would arming Ukraine help anything?

Because they're going to win, and it's imperative that Putin doesn't.

He's not going to use a nuke. If he was going to, it would have happened the day he signed annexation. Every day that passes, the less likely he'll do it.

And he can't be allowed to use nuclear terrorism to steal regions. That's not how the free world operates. Not going to happen

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Ahh yes, the future peace where russia and iran are annihilated and the entire world is ruled by team america globalhomo. Great idea.

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Your very limited view of things is what makes you dislike Jews, and it is what makes you think that by fantasizing about conquering Iran and Russia is the same as actually conquering Iran and Russia.

Neither of those two countries wants to be conquered, and both will fight to their deaths.

Both Iran and Russia have nukes and other very deadly weapons.

Give it a rest, because the goal should be peace.


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There he is with hundreds of paid and highly qualified state department specialists and game theoreticians who have deep knowledge and experience in international relations.....the fucktard should have just asked this Q-adjacent conspiracy board. Then he would have gotten a better answer.

Oh wait, no he wouldn't. Because nobody in this thread has given any better policy line.

So u/chickens - you're the one who's saying he's a fucktard. What should he be doing differently in your view? Clearly you are a better game theoretician than the hundreds of experienced diplomats. So I'm eager to hear your amazing suggestions. Should Biden be helping the dictator carve up Europe? Should Biden be furthering the nuclear terrorism threats? What should Biden be doing to lose the "fucktard" label

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It's not my job or my responsibility to write policy or to negotiate with foreign leaders, but when my leader says that he is more interested in the well being of some tranny basketball player than he is to discuss preserving peace and avoiding war, I feel comfortable saying that is not proper choices as a president.

Avoiding nuclear war or any kind of war is more important than Britney Griner.

In fact mother fuck Britney Griner..

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It sounds like you've decided that the choice not to engage with Putin on which parts of Ukraine he gets to keep, is actually a choice which is bad for "preserving peace and avoiding war".

How did you come to that decision?

Did it prevent world war 2 when the Allies appeased Hitler and gave him the Sudentenland? Did that preserve peace and avoid war? What information led you to take this decision?

Because in my opinion. Biden IS doing the right thing to preserve peace and prevent war. And I've given you a historical analogue which led me to decide that way. So what's your foundation for this totally opposite conclusion?

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britney grinder's release is not more important than preserving peace.

Just fyi, Putin ain't gonna NEVER let her go.

She will leave that prison in a box.


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Ok so now you seem to be saying - that if Biden is not going to appease the dictator by giving him the Sudentenland, then we should throw the baby out with the bathwater and not even engage the dictator about Americans in prison. How does that even make sense to you?

Once the administration has taken the decision that Putin is not allowed to carve up europe - which you don't seem to have any problem with? - your issue is that he's additionally still engaging the ruZkis about grinner. You seem to be saying that if we're not going to talk territory then we shouldn't be talking at all.

Did you stop to consider that maybe the Grinner conversation with the ruzzia is helping peace? It keeps contact alive between state departments, it reminds the ruzzians that they have something America wants, it keeps them at a discussion table to talk turkey instead of no contact.

I just dont get how you decided that you are more right about this, than the experienced qualified experts. Kind of mind blowing how you have this high opinion of yourself

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president Trump vs Biden

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Sorry is that supposed to be an answer to what I asked you? Are you sure it's not you who is the two year old fucktard here

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fuck brandon

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Wow, that's how a two year old negotiates

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oof my dude you have just posted cringe

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Is Biden gay?

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The double might be.

The one whose son died in Iraq.

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    He's a latex and bondage guy! Wow! He's got my vote!

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    Biden's priorities are a bit weird, don't you think so?