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I know. It's disturbing. A guy on one thread posted a very reasonable, very wise comment that whether or not anyone felt the referendums were valid, the only thing that mattered was how Moscow viewed them. It was a really good comment, and was articulate and sound.

It also had basically no votes, and was followed by a chorus of nothing but "F*** Russia!" from numerous people in post after post, with each post getting dozens of up-votes. Very weird. These are the websites that inform people's views of the world and control discourse.

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These are the websites that inform people's views of the world and control discourse.

I can’t believe people arnt speaking out.

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I think the best way to speak out is just to quietly say "forget these sites", log off forever, and never look back. If you don't let these people shape your worldview or suck up your time, they loose their fan base, loose their standing, and loose their digital power. Their rankings in top-visited website lists tanks.

It is gross, though. I agree.

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Yes I think in terms of Reddit especially. You need to consider your time. I understand fully the desire to speak out against the crazy you see. But no matter how diplomatic you try to be Reddit will merely drown you in a deluge of people calling you an idiot before the mods invariably delete whatever you wrote.

There's little point in engaging in good faith when you won't be granted the same courtesy. Doesn't mean you need to be silent. But does mean you need to be picky about what platforms you use and your choice of online engagement in the first place.