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Bots and shills literally took it over. Most actual human beings have left or stopped commenting because it's so obviously inorganic that you can't even expect a human to respond, so why even bother. Text-based internet forums are kind of ruined now, and it's not limited to reddit

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Most actual human beings are also banned.

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I know. It's disturbing. A guy on one thread posted a very reasonable, very wise comment that whether or not anyone felt the referendums were valid, the only thing that mattered was how Moscow viewed them. It was a really good comment, and was articulate and sound.

It also had basically no votes, and was followed by a chorus of nothing but "F*** Russia!" from numerous people in post after post, with each post getting dozens of up-votes. Very weird. These are the websites that inform people's views of the world and control discourse.

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These are the websites that inform people's views of the world and control discourse.

I can’t believe people arnt speaking out.

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I think the best way to speak out is just to quietly say "forget these sites", log off forever, and never look back. If you don't let these people shape your worldview or suck up your time, they loose their fan base, loose their standing, and loose their digital power. Their rankings in top-visited website lists tanks.

It is gross, though. I agree.

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Yes I think in terms of Reddit especially. You need to consider your time. I understand fully the desire to speak out against the crazy you see. But no matter how diplomatic you try to be Reddit will merely drown you in a deluge of people calling you an idiot before the mods invariably delete whatever you wrote.

There's little point in engaging in good faith when you won't be granted the same courtesy. Doesn't mean you need to be silent. But does mean you need to be picky about what platforms you use and your choice of online engagement in the first place.

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I can’t believe people arnt speaking out.

Look at what happened to anyone that called out bullshit IdPol and related matters. Look at what happened to subs like r/MGTOW. Look at how subs like AHS are allowed to flaunt the rules (and, depending on your opinion regarding claims of weaponizing CP against other subs, the law as well).

Reddit's admins and their degenerate mod minions have trained people to say nothing of substance that doesn't slot into the approved narrative of the day.

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Yea. You are right.

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Reddit is a disgusting site.

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They do and are silenced.

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You can't speak out on Reddit. That's how you get popped.

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    Reddit and Twitter are a mix of human and software brigades that forcefully push the politics and beliefs of a small group of people.

    I have received dm's about three times in almost ten years and it's always the same thing.. it's always someone that wants to know if I am bi or gay and how old am I.

    Every single religion based sub is modded by people that want to push the same agenda.. why don't you allow same sex marriages and why do you discriminate against trannies? For example, the /r/Mormon sub is NOT operated by actual Mormons. The christian subs are NOT operated by actual Christians, but instead are operated by gays that want to push the LGBT agenda. The /r/Trump sub has a senior mod that is a Pakistani that hates Trump.

    In the end, we might learn that LGBT is actually a mental disorder that produces endless arguments and it is NEVER EVER happy about anything.

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    You know that a site is editorialised to Hell when you can't be against same sex marriage on a Christian forum. Whether you agree with gay marriage or not, you cannot deny that the Bible defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Simple as that. I personally don't care if same sex civil marriage is legal, but no Christian Church worth their salt would officiate a same sex marriage because that goes contrary to how the Bible defines marriage.

    Anyone with a triple digit IQ can see that transgenderism is a load of bollocks, Christian or not.

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    The latest propaganda they are trying to push is that Jesus was gay.

    Like omg.

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    that Jesus was gay

    92% that's not true at all. In fact, I cannot imagine Jesus having any sexual attraction. But if I had to make a guess, I'd assume he was straight. Simply because heterosexuality is the norm. And Jesus said nothing about homosexuality - what kind of gay or bi person would say nothing about homosexuality?

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    There is a big correlation between LGBT and having a cluster b disorder. And having a parent who is cluster B.

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    Correlation does not equal causation, but you're right, the correlation is real. A lot of LGBT people are retarded.

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    Unfortunately I think that group of people is much larger than you imagine.

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    It has been turned into rule of mob mentality.

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    I think it's a little more than that, even. Instead of a group of like-minded people, it's a group following the trends. Most of the smart people are active in specific-interest subs. Most of the people who are active in the circle-jerking are not what I would say are of average intelligence. There are definitely social engineers leading these movements.

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    Thats how echo chambers operate.

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    Reddit has been in steady decline for years. Absolutely no variety of opinion or statement of fact is allowed now. There's a few casual topics I check out there but I'm done with that site for the most part.

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    You want to see how brains can be programmed, it's right there on Reddit.

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    The irony of reddit doubting the consensus on these referendums while having 95% of all comments on any subject all coming to the same consensus.

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    Only the parts about fantasy TV shows.

    GoT fandom is now less toxic than LotR fandom.

    The end is nigh.

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      Frankly we should set up a r/meanwhileonsaidit sub for shit posting the best/worst comments and posts here.

      Easy karma.

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      Reddit is not a place one really goes to, for serious discussion. Everyone on that shitty platform regardless of the context, is looking for an unfunny punchline to comment. And it devolves into a chain of idiots one-upping eachother in the most pointless contest as to who can be the most insufferable and unfunny piece of shit. It's humiliating in the forum and they should be discarded and who's opinions are devalued.

      It's all over the r/news and r/worldnews subreddits.

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      I have unsubbed from the main subs so I have no idea. Seems about right though.

      There's some remaining counterculture there but they're on the brink of being banned.

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      They've been jabbering on about queen elizardbeth since she went to that great terrarium in the sky. They love to make the same jokes about "the colonies" and just corny, unfunny shit related to the significance of the royals. Are there a lot of englishsters on there? Or is it just asshole progressive Americans aligning with the monarchy as they simultaniously and paradoxically cape for the blacks and aoc and pocs and lgb's. Man I hate redditors....

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      3rd account got popped back in March. Looking at what has become of this site, I won't be making a 4th account. Reddit banned MakeMyCoffin, among other horrid things besides bot armies and censorship.

      Speaking of censorship, the suppression of voices critical of the Covid narrative is proof that Reddit is not a place for discussion. It's just a massive echo chamber for retards. Fuck it.

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      what i saw on reddit was a lot more war gore

      people celebrating death, thru video

      Bots and shills literally took it over.

      i agree with magnora7 .. the front page has few humans

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      I'd still be there if they hadn't banned me 20 times. Its a cesspool that needs to be fought against. Those ideas and narratives are what is driving the youngest generation into a world that cannot exist. Nor fucking should it. I miss being able to drop bombs on the kiddos over there and at least give people something to think about. Now of course once you breach the hivemind, they cut you off at the IP and send you into the wildness, like a lost borg drone.